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Produced by Sponsored by   Archived Webinar Connecting Listening & Learning New research based technology combined with effective teaching strategies dramatically improve test scores. Sponsored by LightSPEED
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Archived Webinar: Connecting Listening & Learning

New research-based technology combined with effective teaching strategies dramatically improve test scores.

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An innovative, research-based technology evenly distributes sound and voice throughout the classroom and improves speech clarity and intelligibility. When combined with effective teaching strategies, classroom amplification technology (CAT) has been proven to dramatically increase student performance. In this brief, informative web seminar, you'll learn why school principals, teachers, superintendents and speech/language experts are embracing this simple, sound-solution for its direct benefits on student learning. Sign up now for this free web seminar and learn how one district piloted CAT systems and measured increases of 20-30 points in reading and language comprehension.


Jamie Hecht
1st Grade Teacher

My name is Jamie Hecht. I am a 1st grade teacher at Redwood Elementary School in West Orange, New Jersey. I have been teaching 1st grade for four years now. I will have earned my Masters in Education with a Concentration in Curriculum Development this August. I plan to further my education and also get a degree in the area of Special Education.

Karen Tarnoff
Coordinator for District Assessment
West Orange Public Schools

I have been with the West Orange Public Schools for 23 years as the Coordinator for District Assessment. For many years, one of our district goals has emphasized differentiated instruction, so I have worked extensively with data to analyze individual student achievement as well as group achievement. This, of course, became even more important with NCLB legislation. In addition to being in charge of all State tests and district administered standardized tests, my responsibilities include assisting administrators and teachers in identifying areas of academic weakness, determining the basis of these problems and looking for means of improving achievement for the individual student as well as for identified groups of students.

Our K-12 district of 6500 students is very diverse — culturally and economically — and it is important for us to find appropriate, cost effective ways of helping our students.

Merri S. Bragg
New York State Licensed Audiologist
Classroom Amplification Consultant, Lightspeed Technologies

Merri is a New York State licensed audiologist who has provided classroom amplification consultant services to many school districts throughout New York State as well as the Mid-Atlantic and New England states. She was an adjunct instructor at Hofstra University in the graduate Speech Pathology and Audiology program from 1983-1986.

Merri also started her own company in 1990 providing audiologic services to school districts throughout New York State.

Merri served as an officer of New York State Speech Language Hearing Association for thirteen years. Her responsibilities included planning and implementing professional development conferences with attendance ranging from 800–2000 attendees.

In addition to her audiological profession endeavors, she served as an administrator for a Pennsylvania residential summer program for 20 years, serving over 400 children per summer.

Arlene Brafman
Speech Language Specialist
St. Cloud Elementary School, Washington Elementary School

I am a Speech Language Specialist who has a Masters in Speech Pathology. I've worked in the NJ school system for almost 20 years. Currently, I am with the West Orange Public Schools servicing students at St. Cloud Elementary School and Washington Elementary School. Although I am a speech language pathologist by training, I have always been interested in audiology and how hearing affects communication skills. I became interested in different types of assistive listening devices and introduced them to my current schools.



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