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The Netop ProtectOn Pro combines hard-disk protection with remote management and Internet, application, and device controls. Netop built this new solution on the foundation of the popular ProtectOn2, which allowed teachers to automatically roll back virus damage and unwanted changes that students might make to classroom computers. Netop ProtectOn Pro can protect data and system integrity by controlling user access to USB and Wi-Fi devices, hard disks, floppy drives, Web sites, and software applications. It can automatically restore computers and erase damage from viruses and unwanted downloads. Price: U.S. education pricing starts at $19/computer for schools with 25 or more computers. Volume discounts available. Category: remote management

Put to the Test: Filemaker Pro 11 promo image

Put to the Test: Filemaker Pro 11

Relational database applications are ideally suited to managing large data collections. Offering more sophisticated options than spreadsheets for organizing, synthesizing, retrieving and reporting pertinent