Planning, Leadership and Managing Change

Planning, Leadership and Managing Change

The first in a new webinar series "Technology, Learning and Change."

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Thursday September 15, 2011 | 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST

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Implementing a comprehensive digital learning program means advance planning that is tied to a district’s organization, culture, and personnel. To achieve goals for teaching and learning, districts need transformational leaders who can inspire and manage staff, students, school boards, and others through the process of change. It also requires restructuring classrooms so they become student-centered digital learning environments. When the process is implemented carefully, the result is a transformation in learning and student and school improvement. This webinar will focus on how to plan; how to empower effective leadership, and how to manage change. Leaders from districts that have shown success will discuss how they got to this point and where they intend to take their strategies in the future.


Learn the secret of how to have free community-based hotspots to keep students learning anytime and anywhere – and engage the community too. Hint: It’s a revenue generator for the district and completely self-sustaining. Find out more on this webinar.

Technology, Learning and Change: A Webinar Series

This webinar series, based on the new book Technology for Learning: A Guidebook for Change, provides information about the process of creating effective, robust technology initiatives based on real-life practitioners’ successes. The three webinars will focus on the issues that help educators to transform today’s schools into thriving digital learning environments. The goal is to help you to identify and plan for key success factors and strategies that will help you get started, expand your existing program, or take your program to the next level.


Kyle Berger, Executive Director of Technology Services, Alvarado Independent School District, Alvarado, TX

Debbie Rice, Director of Technology, Auburn City Schools, Auburn, AL

Leslie Wilson, CEO, One-to-One Institute