Program: Tech Forum New York 2012

Program: Tech Forum New York 2012

7:00 am - 8:00 am

Registration and Breakfast

8:00 am - 9:15 am

Welcome and Opening Keynote

Edubranding via Social Media

Patrick Higgins

It's a commonly held belief in the business world that if you are not in front of the publicity for your brand, someone else will determine how it is viewed by the public. Do schools fall under that same umbrella and, if so, what does it mean to have a brand for a K-12 institution? How has your school/district leveraged social media to grow its brand? Is it time for those of us in education to take a lesson in media branding?

9:15 am - 9:30 am

Refreshment and Networking Break

9:30 am - 10:40 am

Morning Breakout Sessions
Geared especially to administrators, IT leaders, mentor teachers and other ed tech visionaries, these concurrent sessions feature widely-acclaimed and respected speakers covering the hottest topics.

Innovative Approaches to STEM Education

Jeff Piontek and Frank Noschese

Come learn about great ways of engaging students in scientific thinking, problem solving, and computer modeling. You'll see 3D animations, simulations, virtual worlds, examples of collaborations between students and scientific experts, and other creative projects that combine science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with the arts for a multi-faceted educational experience.

Tools for Education Professionals

David Andrade, Sal Contes and Nancy Caramanico

Looking for the best apps and Web 2.0 tools for planning, communicating, and building your own learning community? Dubious about tweeting or social networking as professional endeavors? Our panelists will share their favorite productivity tools for teachers and administrators and then invite you to do the same.

iPads in the Classroom

Gwen Solomon (moderator); Rob Miller, Vicki Windman and Patrick Fogarty

In the past few years, iPads have made their way into numerous K-12 classrooms. We have invited educators who are involved in elementary, secondary, and special needs implementations to share their stories. How are students, teachers and administrators using the devices? What apps are proving most helpful? What lessons have they learned as they explore the pros, cons and logistics of iPads as devices for teaching and learning?

Technology Implementations: Traditional or Transformative?

David Jakes (moderator); Patrick Higgins, Lisa Thumann and Jerry Crisci

There is no doubt that technology – from online assessments to 1:1 and BYO initiatives – is playing a growing role in our nation's schools. But is this role a transformative one or just "more of the same"? Are Common Core State Standards, supported by technology, a step forward or backwards? How do devices ranging from interactive whiteboards to smart phones impact classrooms? Join us for a lively discussion of the keys to transforming teaching and learning in schools today.

10:50 am - 12:25 pm
Industry Spotlights & Demos
Hear from the companies that are sponsoring this event and shaping the future of educational technology.
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Lunch and Dessert Reception

1:30 pm - 2:20 pm

Roundtable Discussions
These discussions, on topics suggested by attendees when you register, provide a great opportunity for you to network with fellow technology leaders.

  • Flipping the Classroom (Marianthe Williams and Lorraine Brooks)
  • Faceoff: BYO or School-Owned Technology? (Colin Byrne)
  • Technology and Common Core (Christina Russo and Ron Velez)
  • Twitter in the Classroom (Lisa Nielsen)
  • The Evolution and Impact of Curated Content (Patrick Higgins)
  • Culturally Responsive Educators/Global Projects (Meryl Menon and Cathy Swan)
  • Using Social Media to Flip the Faculty Meeting (Nancy Caramanico)
  • Virtual Classrooms/Online Learning (Maxine Fisher)
  • Using the iPad for Movie-Making in the Classroom (Beth Richards and Carolyn Semet)
  • Digital Storytelling (Debra Patsel)
  • Technology and Special Education (Vicki Windman)
  • Creating Your Own iBooks (Jerry Crisci)
  • Using Technology to Nurture Empathy (Samantha Morra)
  • Student Empowerment: Trusting the Student or the Filter? (Brian Mannix)
  • Academic Honesty and Integrity in a Mobile World (Patrick Fogarty)

2:30 pm - 3:40 pm

Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Geared especially to administrators, IT leaders, mentor teachers and other ed tech visionaries, these concurrent sessions feature widely-acclaimed and respected speakers covering the hottest topics.

Re-envisioning Learning spaces

David Jakes and Jeff Piontek

It’s not hard to recognize the typical classroom. Rows of desks. Textbooks and notebooks. A teacher at the front of the class ... It hasn’t changed much in decades. Join David Jakes and Jeffrey Piontek to re-envision what classrooms and schools might look like and explore how we can create exciting and transformative learning spaces free from the constraints of time, space and place.

Great Tools for Kids and Schools

Lisa Thumann and Samantha Morra

Back by popular demand, this year's fast-paced smackdown looks at Web 2.0 tools and mobile apps that "rock the classroom." Our panelists will recommend a variety of great tools for educational use. Then it’s your turn. Come share your favorite tools for teaching and learning.

Learning with Social Media

Ellen Ullman (moderator); Cathy Swan and David Andrade

What role can and should social networking play in today’s classrooms? How do we help students connect digitally with the world at large in a way that is both educational and safe? Come hear real-world stories of the ways in which social media is being used with students at a variety of grade levels for collaboration, communication and learning.

BYO: Goals, Policies, and Logistics

Nancy Caramanico (moderator); Sandra Paul, Rick Cave and Rob Miller

Whether you call it BYOT, BYOD, or student-owned technology, the idea of allowing young people to bring their own laptops and mobile devices to school with them is gaining ground for a number of reasons. We’ve asked three different districts to talk about their BYO programs, explaining how and why they’ve chosen this course and responding to a series of questions concerning equity, policy-setting and technical challenges.

3:45 pm - 4:30 pm

Sponsor-Hosted Reception
Join the party! Unwind and network with colleagues and industry partners.