SchoolCIO Summit June 2013

SchoolCIO Summit June 2013

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June 21 & 22, 2013 | JW Marriott Hill Country San Antonio Resort


Social Media in the Classroom [Solution Partner: Lightspeed Systems]

What tools are you using and why? What fears (or misinformation) have you encountered from community members, teachers or others? How do you deal with such fears, protect your students from harm, and maximize the benefits of social media? How has your AUP changed in recent years to address issues related to social media in and out of the classroom? How does social media improve upon traditional tools? What results are you seeing?

Leveraging the Cloud [Solution Partner: Google]

What cloud solutions are you using at the classroom, building and district levels? For what purposes? What are the advantages and disadvantages of moving to the cloud? How are you dealing with concerns about housing student data and communication online? How does the shift to the cloud impact your purchasing decisions, instructional models, and the skills needed by your tech support team? What impact does it have on student access and the digital divide?

Blended and Flipped Learning [Solution Partner: Meru Networks]

How would the teachers and students you work with define “blended learning”? How pervasive is it in your district and what does it look like? What tools are you using? How well does your network infrastructure work for blended learning and how do you support students who don’t have adequate access at home? Do you encounter resistance from teachers or others and, if so, what do you see as their primary concerns? How do you address these?

Building and Managing a Digital Curriculum [Solution Partner: SAFARI Montage]

Describe your vision of “digital curriculum”? What are the main tools and content sources you are using to build digital curricula? What is your process for vetting digital curriculum resources— both commercial and homegrown – and how does this compare to past practices? What are the keys to getting technology and curriculum departments working together effectively to implement digital curriculum? The challenges?

Preparing for Common Core [Solution Partner: HP/Intel]

What’s currently happening in your state/district with Common Core and what are your hopes and fears about what lies ahead? How are you addressing student access to devices and applications, now that technology is “embedded” in many of the new standards? What are you doing to ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth and devices for the CCSS assessments? How have previous experiences with other forms of online assessment shaped your plans?

Best Practices for BYO and 1:1 [Solution Partner: Amplify]

What are you doing currently with 1:1 and/or BYO? What does adoption look like in the classroom? What has changed in terms of pedagogy as a result of the increased access? What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced or mistakes you’ve made when implementing BYO or 1:1? Have your management strategies and your choices of devices changed over time?


Leadership Perspectives

Panelists: William Hite, Chris Lehmann, Ron Chandler, and Karen Fuller

Administrators from three high-profile districts will address organizational structure, top-down vs. grassroots leadership, collaborative approaches and other aspects of leadership for the future. Then it’s your turn—to share your own perspectives and process takeaways from one and a half days of networking and discussion.