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K-12 Computing Blueprint
K-12 Computing Blueprint, brought to you by Intel and Tech & Learning, is your resource for one-to-one computing. Whether you're already involved with one-to-one computing, considering moving in that direction, or simply interested in the impact of widespread technology use on students and classrooms, Intel's K-12 Computing Blueprint site offers a variety of valuable resources. Visit us to read case studies, learn about research reports, and keep up on recent news about laptop learning, other forms of ubiquitous computing, and K-12 ed tech issues including funding, curriculum, leadership and professional development.

Lightspeed Systems
Network security is controlling what is on your network; and control is all about detecting and resolving any activity that doesn't align with your organization's policies. Built specifically for K12 networks and protecting millions of students nationwide, Lightspeed Systems provides a single admin consol to everything running on your network and control any detected issues. Lightspeed gives control with email archiving, content filtering, spam management, antivirus, extensive reporting, gateway server & desktop security, bandwidth management, & mobile content filtering. Obtain peace of mind with Total Traffic Control with Lightspeed Systems.

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Apperson Education Products offers a variety of test scoring solutions for both the classroom and district level, and has placed more than 35,000 test scanners world-wide. Each Apperson scanner comes bundled with Apperson’s exclusive DataLink™ software which provides immediate access to state standards and data-rich reports such as: item analysis, class and student proficiencies, class roster, and more. Complete test scanner packages start at $595. Stop by Apperson’s booth to register for a free, no-risk 30-day trial, and to receive a special trade show offer! For more information, please visit us at