BACK OFFICE BUSINESS: District Outfits 400 Classrooms with Tech that Tackles Hearing Issues

TeachLogic®, provider of Sound Field solutions for the K-12 education market, today announces its products will be used in the second phase of installation in one of the largest classroom amplification technology contracts in California history. 

TeachLogic, Pathway Communications LTD and Johnson Consulting Engineers will partner on the project. 

The installation is a continuation of phase I, which was originally designed by Johnson Consulting. The Phase 1 contract was awarded to Pathway in November of 2017. For phase II, Pathway will be installing TeachLogic’s Maxim III™ amplifier/receiver, Sapphire™ teacher microphones, IRH-35 handheld microphones, and SP-628 in-ceiling speakers in more than 400 classrooms.

This brings the total number of classrooms in Palmdale with TeachLogic Sound Field systems to over 800.