If you are fond of using emojis in your class, here is a tool for you that you can use with your young learners: Solvemoji

Solvemoji is a tool that offers math puzzles that use emojis. Each emoji represents a different number and students try to solve the math puzzles. There are five different difficulty levels that you can choose from. By creating an account, you or your students can find the solutions. 

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You can use this tool as an icebreaker or as a tuning in activity. If you are doing a CLIL lesson with your students and working with numbers, the tool can be a nice one to share with your class. You can group the students and turn this activity into a competition. You can also ask your students to create their own solvemoji math puzzles by drawing or sticking small pictures of emojis for their friends. They can also use Emojicopy or GetEmoji tools to copy & paste and create their puzzles on the computers for their friends. 

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