5E / Hero's Journey Example: Stoichiometry (Reactions as Recipes)

Engage: Hero is Called

  1. Watch video below. 
  2. What are you curious about?

​Explore: ​Hero is Challenged

  • Using the below materials,  design an experiment to find the optimal Alka-Seltzer water combination. 
  • Hypothesize a macroscope and microscope explanation for your optimal ratio. 

Alka Seltzer and empty plastic vial

(Image credit: Ramsey Musallam)

Extend: Hero is Transformed

  • Click here (opens in new tab) and here (opens in new tab) to learn  about the "Hindenburg disaster".  
  • Generate optimal H2 and O2 needed for a mini "Hindenburg" in a 2L bottle. See video and slides below. 

All lessons based on the 5E Learning Cycle/Hero's Journey overlap shown below: 

(Image credit: Ramsey Musallam)

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