Best Remind Tips and Tricks for Teachers

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The best Remind tips and tricks help teachers get the most out of a communication platform that merges the digital and physical learning spaces seamlessly.

Remind is a great way to get messages directly to students and parents, be that for working remotely with students or better organizing trips and tests. It's also crammed full of features to make this far more than a simple organization tool.

What are some of these Remind features? For one, you can share images and have replies in quick sticker-style, tick, or cross format - making it simple and even fun to communicate.

Read on to find out more for ways you can enhance your teaching with students by using Remind to its limits.


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1. Take a quiz using Remind

It's easy to share a link, video, or image using Remind, so it's possible to send a question related to a class topic. Then, using the above mentioned stamps, get a quick reply with a tick, cross, question mark, or star. 

This allows you to get a quick cross-section of the class to see how well students are taking in what is being taught. It could also be a nice way to drum up excitement about a subject before taking a school trip, for example.


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2. Set up a student-led Remind group

You can set up a group in which all the participants can reply, making for an open platform for students to talk to one another. In this case, it can be nice to make a student, or multiple students, administrators, to allow for leadership development within a group. It can also be a nice way for a student to present in a group without the pressure of being in a real-world scenario.

A group can also be a great place for students to share resources and ideas about a subject when you give them the freedom to take control of that space. You never know, it might grow into something new that you hadn't even conceived of.

3. Share weekly updates with Remind

Remind can provide a good forum for updates about what's being learned in class, right there on a student's smartphone. This places the information in an area they pay attention to and also can be a great way to reinforce what's learned in class.

In addition to providing students with a collection of regular updates, which they can refer back to, it can also be to keep the parents or guardians in the loop so they're aware of their child's progress and can actively help talk about the learning.


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4. Use Remind with athletics and other extracurricular activities

Remind can be a simple alert tool, which means closing off messages so they're sent with no replies possible. This is a great way for the athletics department to share important information or for school clubs to promote their events.

For example, sports teams can post results and stats from a contest to help drive schoolwide interest in a team or even encourage others to participate in physical activity as well.

5. Use Remind to boost social-emotional learning

Remind can be used as an SEL tool to praise students beyond the classroom. Send messages of encouragement and affirmations to students for their hard work.

This could be on a student-to-student basis or as a group with messages that can help bind and uplift them. Help a child feel better about a poor result after they clearly tried, or confirm when they have done really well with their latest quiz or assignment submission.

6. Organize meetings in real time with Remind

Remind is a great way to send invites for virtual video meetings in real-time. Since Remind integrates with both Google Meet and Zoom, it's really easy to schedule a meeting.

Students will be sent the alert along with a link. As long as you specify the time and a subject, everyone can be there prepared and ready to take on whatever live learning you have in store.

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