Curated Content Decreases Teacher Planning Time

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Curated Content Decreases Teacher Planning Time

Who: Kevin Scanlon, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services

Where: Three Village Central School District, New York

What: Using Discovery Experience to introduce new state K-6 science standards

The district had been using Discovery Education’s streaming platform for seven years for 5th and 6th grade science. Teachers enjoyed the platform so much that when it came time to choose resources to introduce new state science standards this year, they chose to expand its use to K-6. The two highest users of Discovery in New York state are both in our district. They have been the ones spearheading its use with our teachers for the introduction of the new science standards. 

The state developed their own version of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). They adapted the national standards by changing some of the content sequencing to align with earlier versions of state standards. We are currently in a multiple year K-12 roll out of the new standards, beginning with 6th and 7th grade this year. 

In the past, our teachers had primarily used the videos. However, In August 2019 they received training on the new, revised platform and are now using assessments, lesson plans, and teaching strategies in addition to the videos. Teachers love the new curated content channels. It makes the content more accessible and allows them to better differentiate their instruction, while reducing the amount of time they spend planning lessons. 

In addition to using the platform for science and social studies, teachers appreciate the opportunity to connect these topics with reading and math resources available within the platform. They have the flexibility they need to adapt the content to fit our standards-based curriculum needs. There is so much included in the platform that it has eased the burden on lesson planning. The videos, teaching strategies and other resources are completely relevant to our teaching needs. Discovery has broad application across student populations and can be used for remediation, enrichment, or acceleration.

User Tip

The new Studio space allows teachers to create their lessons and also provides a safe collaboration space for students. Students can create their own original content in the same place they are accessing Discovery’s curated content—they don’t have to leave the platform.


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