Next Gen Personal Finance: How To Use It To Teach

Next Gen Personal Finance
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Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) is a website that consists of many free resources designed to help educators and students in the area of teaching anything about money and its management.

This can range from the basics, such as budgeting, right up to more complex skills, such as stock trading, or even a career in the financial sector. In all cases, there are plenty of training resources for educators to help build financial understanding and mastery that can be passed along to students.

The website offers teaching tools as well as engaging games that students can enjoy to learn more about finances. Thanks to excellent integration with tools such as Google Docs, its very easy to use and gain access to. 

This guide aims to clarify all you need to know about Next Gen Personal Finance and how it can be a help in your class.

What is Next Gen Personal Finance?

Next Gen Personal Finance offers a range of resources for teachers and students to help with learning around finance and math skills. The idea being to better equip young people for their financial future.

Next Gen Personal Finance

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Next Gen Personal Finance is comprised of a collection of its own resources as well as others from third parties -- all being respected platforms. It offers plenty of Google Docs-based resources that teachers can download, edit, and use as needed.

This is an especially great resource for math teachers, with plenty of math-based learning options. But it can also be a useful way to teach economics, and even self-care in terms of thinking about personal security from a financial perspective.

A selection of courses is also available that aim to enhance educator knowledge and teaching approaches to help get financial knowledge across to kids in the best way possible. Great when you consider most of this is free.

How does Next Gen Personal Finance work?

Next Gen Personal Finance is ready and available to use right away for anyone via a web browser -- for free. But if you want the full experience, it's worth signing up for a free account.

Next Gen Personal Finance

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NGPF offers free teacher accounts that provide access to a range of teaching and assessment materials. These include Google Docs for download, videos, and units with multiweek pathways all laid out.

The games sections offer math and arcade-style games, both of which aim to help improve student number skills and financial thinking. Since these are all browser-based, it makes for a great way to get kids accessing these skills even outside of the class, using their own devices.

A regular selection of useful materials is put out on certain days that can be helpful for teaching. These include Math Mondays, Question of the Day, and FinCap Fridays.

What are the best Next Gen Personal Finance features?

Next Gen Personal Finance is laid out in a simple way with teaching-focused pathways. It's easy for students to get playing the learning games, and also simple for educators to have multi-week courses developed and ready right away.

Next Gen Personal Finance

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This website is very up to date so students will not only learn about taxes and classical finance such budgeting or paying for college, but also about current concerns. From Bitcoin to fraud, there's plenty of great resources to help students understand how money works in the world now.

Crucially, in addition to personal finance, this site will help teach critical thinking skills, which should set students in good stead to make smart decisions in later life. Case studies and life-like simulations all help to make the real-world learning more applicable for kids. The fact that this comes in videos, slides, and games all help to make that material even more digestible.

How much does Next Gen Personal Finance cost?

Next Gen Personal Finance offers its many resources, including courses for teachers, for free. You simply need to sign-up with personal details, and proof you're a teacher, and you have access to all the resources right away.

Next Gen Personal Finance best tips and tricks

Gamify from go
Begin teaching by using the games to get students involved in an exciting way before breaking into more study-based learning.

Edit yourself
Download the resources and don't be afraid to give a personal touch by editing and adding in anything that may make it more engaging for your class.

Develop yourself
Take advantage of the many personal development courses for teachers to better your own understanding and to learn better ways to teach that.

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