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Television as #RemoteLearning Tool During School Closures

Television can provide a great way for everyone to learn. It is especially useful as a learning tool, when using laptops may not be the best option. 

This may be the case for a few reasons, such as:  

  • A student has a disability that makes using a laptop difficult
  • A student may not have access to a laptop
  • A student may not have WiFi 

If you are planning to incorporate television viewing into your child's learning experiences WNET and PBS have put some tips together.

Elementary Students

  • Read reviews to ensure you are choosing the right shows.
  • Have questions for you child to consider such as:
    Do you think what happened in the show is something that might happen in your life or the life of someone you know? Why?
    How would you have handled what happened in the show?
  • Enhance listening skills by asking your child questions about what they're watching
  • Make connections to what your child is watching to books, articles, and research
  • Use television characters in learning activities
  • Make a family screen time plan

Learn more by visiting Tips for Enhancing TV Learning Experiences

Secondary Students

Engaging in discussion or related activities before, during, and/or after the show can help you remember what you've learned. WNET has discussion questions and activities for any show you watch on PBS - no internet needed! - to take what you just watched to the next level. 

There are lots of activities you can do while watching a program such as taking the role of reporter or journalist, reenacting what you saw, and thinking like a producer.

Learn more by visiting The WNET TV Guide to Making Screen Time Learning Time.

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