What is Flexudy and How Can It Be Used to Teach? Tips & Tricks

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Flexudy makes creating and sharing quizzes, assessments, and courses a simple automated process by using artificial intelligence.

This tool is aimed at more than schools but does offer education-focused tools that make this ideal for use by teachers. LMS integrations are also available, so it can be added school-wide relatively easily.

The primary function of Flexudy is to save time for teachers by creating quizzes faster and making sharing straight forward. This platform uses templates and question generation so teachers simply have to check and edit until they're happy.

But can Flexudy help learning in your place of education?

What is Flexudy?

Flexudy is a quiz and assessment creation tool that uses AI to take the work out of the process. No more starting from a blank screen, or using the time-consuming quiz apps out there, as this does most of the work for you.


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Sharing of quizzes is also simple since everything is cloud-based, allowing teachers to give quizzes to students purely digitally. That can be in class use but also at home or remotely. Either way, students can access this from a web browser, so most will be able to use it on their own devices.

It also offers a good language support setup, which allows the system to work in English, French, and German by default, with more than 100 other languages available as needed. All that should make this very inclusive for students who speak various languages in the same classroom.

According to the company this software generally saves about 80% on prep time for teachers setting up a new quiz.

How does Flexudy work?

Flexudy is easy to sign up to and get started with, using a free trial. This lets teachers simply upload text, audio, or video files using a web browser of the dedicated app. This is where the artificial intelligence then steps in to speed up the quiz-creation process.


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The AI robobrain goes to work creating questions based on the file that has been uploaded before laying it out for you. This is where the checking process can begin and it's possible to edit, changing questions, adding and removing as needed. 

All this uses question templates and summaries with a huge selection on offer for use -- all of which fulfill education standards right up to university level. This tool was actually built with the help of university educators.

Once the template has been edited to a level that the educator is happy with, there is an option to share. This is as easy as sending the link to students, who can then access the quiz through a browser on most devices. All the answers are recorded so that it's possible to assess easily, all in one place. 

What are the best Flexudy features?

Flexudy employs templates that are clear and easy to use so editing to perfection is a  quick process. Crucially, you are also able to create many different types of quiz, including multiple choice, close-ended questions, open-ended questions, and fill-in-the-blanks.


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While this is built primarily to create quizzes, you can also use Flexudy to make exams, assessments, learning units, and more. Thanks to the wide selection of templates, varied by those AI smarts, there is plenty to fit whatever you need.

The ability to input a file in one language but create questions in another is a really useful and powerful feature, ideal for multilingual classrooms. 

LMS integration is another appealing feature as this software is built to be added to most education systems and digital learning environments with ease. Thanks to free student accounts, educators can share with a wide range of users quite simply.

One student, Sophia Meiners, says: "Through Flexudy I have been able to find out how I work and learn best and most effectively as an individual and have been able to adapt my learning behavior perfectly to myself through the many different options Flexudy offers. 

"The good mix of quizzes, reading texts, and the chance to interact with other learners and instructors makes Flexudy special and helps everyone individually achieve the best possible results. Flexudy has helped me discover fun in learning and enjoy working. What more could you ask for?"

How much does Flexudy cost?

Flexudy offers a free trial version of the system and also a subscription-based model aimed at education institutions. 

The Flexudy Premium version starts at $79 per month, which gets you online tutorials, 24/7 support, desktop and app support, LMS integration, single sign on, multi-lingual support, a student portal, full template library access, search and filter options, data import and export.

Flexudy best tips and tricks

Go micro
This is so quick and easy to use, it's possible to create micro quizzes throughout the class to assess learning and keep the class focused on taking in what could be tested.

Assess long-term
Keep track of quiz results on a class, group, and student level to check how the quizzes are helping learning, or not, over a longer period of time.

Give students access with their work so the class can be tested on a paper written up by a student, allowing everyone to learn from that work.

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