What is Juji and How Can It Be Used to Teach? Tips & Tricks

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Juji is an artificially intelligent chatbot-based assistant that aims to help teachers engage with students, at scale and in a personalized way. The idea is to free up more time for teachers, and admin staff, to focus on other tasks. 

This is a complete platform, so it is a chatbot AI builder as well as the front-end system itself. So schools and, primarily universities and colleges, can work on their personalized AI to be used at their educational institution.

This can range from helping with student recruitment to guiding students in a course. All that is done with what the company says is a personalized experience. So could this work for your place of education?

What is Juji?

Juji is an artificially intelligent chatbot. It might sound impressive -- and it is -- but it's not alone as these platforms are starting to crop up in larger numbers. This one stands out as it makes the process of creating a smart chatbot easier than ever -- you don't even need to know code!


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One of the major sells for this system is for student recruitment. This allows prospective students to ask questions and learn about the institution and courses, without taking up staff time and resources as it traditionally might.

Chatbots can also be used once students are at the institution, offering personalized guidance that takes care of the admin side of study as well as the actual learning.

When it comes to helping students test what they've learned, perhaps with a Q&A-style chat, this not only assists with learning but also provides metrics that educators can assess. All that should mean greater mastery on subject matter that can be monitored and tailored in teaching based on student progress.

How does Juji work?

Juji starts by letting you create your own AI chatbot, which is easier than it might sound. Thanks to a selection of templates it's possible to get started with the basics. 

You can then edit as needed to personalize the experience for your target users. All of which is free to build and play with, until you decide you're ready to launch.


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There is no need to know code as the various options are laid out in a front-end style, so you can work through a chat flow picking options you want and personalizing as needed. Juji claims this makes the chatbot builder up to 100 times faster than "any other chatbot builders."

It's even possible to add voice-based interactivity so students can engage verbally with questions and answers. You can then integrate the chatbot into pre-existing systems, making it possible to have this bot work on the institution's main website, intranet, apps, and so on.

What are the best Juji features?

Juji is easy to work with both at the back end, building, and at the front end, interacting with students. But it's the AI smarts that really make this appealing. 

Not only will it allow students to have questions answered, but it will also learn and "read between the lines" to understand what that student needs. Consequently, it can work as a student's personal learning assistant, offering help in areas the student may not have even thought to ask about.

On a more basic level it can remind students of a class or project deadline, via the app, as they may require. It can also be used as a teaching assistant to take the load off the teacher who is trying to offer a more personalized one-to-one experience, but at scale.

It's also possible to change the chatbot personality, which can be a great option for creating a point of interaction that appeals to students of varying ages.


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The layers of the system make it easy to use with the Studio there for building the AI, which then pulls in the API and IDE back-end. All that means educators without training can get started using the builder with ease. Admins also can work more in the back-end to integrate the software with current system setups.

The AI will work with free-text chats to work out unique characteristics, so educators can use this as a way to get feedback on student progress and needs. All that should result in a more personalized learning experience that works across the education journey.

How much does Juji cost?

Juji is built for multiple purposes including business uses as well as education. If you're using it purely for nonprofit education purposes there is a dedicated price plan. 

The Basic plan, at time of publishing, is charged at $100 for 100 conversation engagements. Beyond that the pricing is kept quite obscure. Presumably there is more flexibility to this, but that information is not very clear unfortunately. 

Juji best tips and tricks

Build basic
At its most simple this is an AI that makes a Q&A or FAQ come to life, so start with that as a basic layout to cover most questions that may be asked.

Get personal
Edit the avatar AI to make it appealing to the age of students you plan to help with this assistant, so they're eager to engage and work with the platform.

Build with students
Show the students how you're working to create the AI so that they can better understand how these systems work, how they can interact with them, and how they may wish to use them in the future as these become more prevalent. 

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