October 2009 Table of Contents

October 2009 Table of Contents



The Essential Guide for K-12 Librarians
Major shifts in information and communication landscapes present new opportunities for librarians. Read how your info specialist can help learners of all ages effectively use, manage, evaluate, organize and communicate in the 21st Century.
By Joyce Valenza

Assistive Tech Product Guide
Students with disabilities spend 80 percent or more of the school day in a general population. While this may create some challenges in busy classrooms, there are also many rewards in teaching a diverse population. Technology can be the great equalizer. Read more about the latest tools and trends in assistive tech, Title 1, and IDEA funding.


Put to the Test: T&L editors take some new products for a test drive.
KACE System Management KBOX
Datamation Electronic Timer/Switch
WizCom ReadingPen TS
Faronics Power Save
Absolute Software Geofencing

Netbooks make the grade
You’ve heard the hype; now read the reality. Last year, Netbooks were the great promise for education. Now that they are being put to use, how do they measure up? We asked four districts to detail their experience.
By Ellen Ullman

What’s New
ClassMate Version 17 • Easy Computer Sync • K2 Version 6.2 • MyVision • Parallels Desktop 4 • WriteToLearn 5.3 • CLASSPAC • Dukane ImagePro 8785 • Epson PowerLite Presenter • NEC MultiSync EA190M • iLoupe • Califone Diggiditto Smart Document Camera • Numonics INTELLISLATE • InFocus DisplayLink Wireless system • and more


Editor’s Desk
Long Live the Library!

News & Trends
• Next Big Thing: Show on the Road
• Sites We Like
• Back Office Business
• Moodle Basics
• Digital Cheating
• Stimulus Helps, but Not Enough
• Cheap Apps