The latest and greatest projector announcements

These hot products offer added value, at any budget.

View Sonic


This affordable alternative to interactive whiteboards has an ultra-short throw lens making the projector flexible enough to be ceiling-mounted or simply placed on the tabletop (also allowing the budget hit to be spread to benefit multiple classrooms). The vBoard software lets users write, highlight and edit documents or images in real-time and features an integrated micro USB cable for easy charging. $1629

Casio Ultra Short Throw Projector


This well regarded projector includes light sensors to auto-adjust to the room and brightly displays 3,500 lumens on 50” to 110” screen or wall space. It takes seconds to fire up and can be controlled by phone or mobile device via wireless adapter. The lamp-free design saves resources, both financial and time, by omitting the need for changing bulbs and maintenance. Its long life (approximately 18 school years) also adds to a reduced bottom line. $1800

Epson Brightlink Interactive Laser Display


As the first to offer a laser projector with both inorganic 3LCD panels and an inorganic phosphor wheel, innovative features contribute to long life with minimal maintenance, resulting in low cost of operation. The 4,000 lumens of color and 4,000 lumens of white brightness with full HD WUXGA display makes this versatile for even well lit environments. The system comes with with built-in pen/touch interactivity and includes a one-year subscription to SMART Notebook for added value. $3500

Sony Laserlite Projector


Sony is expanding its range of Z-Phosphor projectors aimed at making laser tech more cost-effective. This offers total constant brightness of 4500 lumens for up to 14,000 hours with a max of 5,000 lm. In addition to the long-life design and automated filter for a near zero maintenance bill, the projectors’ 3LCD engines are designed for energy efficiency to further reduce costs. $5000

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