The latest and greatest projectors for schools

Casio 4K Ultra HD Projector


This new lamp-free model features 5000 lumens brightness, with potential for advanced image-processing tech and high-speed switching of more than 4 million DMD (digital micromirror devices) with the installation of a DLP chip. The ability to project 8.3 M pixels and achieve 4K Ultra HD res will paint a pretty picture on any classroom wall.

Digital Projection

7,500 Lumen E-Vision Laser 4K-UHD

Launched at ISE 2017, this new Digital Projection model expands the 3D-capable E-Vision range, offering picture in picture (PIP) as well as edge-blending and geometry correction as standard, alongside a real-time clock for automation. This single chip DLP adds a 7,500 lumens option with 4K resolution.

LG Minibeam LED Projector


The portable LG Minibeam LED Projector can use its built-in TV tuner to display current events or nature shows and wirelessly stream sound directly from the projector to a Bluetooth compatible sound system to pair big sound to the big viewing experience (on a small budget).

View Sonic


This affordable alternative to interactive whiteboards has an ultra-short throw lens making the projector flexible enough to be ceiling-mounted or simply placed on the tabletop (also allowing the budget hit to be spread to benefit multiple classrooms). The vBoard software lets users write, highlight and edit documents or images in real-time and features an integrated micro USB cable for easy charging.