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5 Educon Takeaways

Teachers must embrace (not just accept)relinquishing control to students. Ifstudents are to “own” their education, theymust be trusted to make decisions—andmistakes—about what and how they learn.
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■ Teachers must embrace (not just accept) relinquishing control to students. If students are to “own” their education, they must be trusted to make decisions—and mistakes—about what and how they learn. Also, teachers need to no longer be the “keepers of knowledge.” As said in the keynote by Dr. William Hite, “Teachers must be masters of context, not contents.”

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We must redefine “achievement” and seek alternative methods of assessment. One sure way to raise hackles at Educon is to use the phrase “standardized testing.” The overriding message is that we must continue to strive to develop alternate methods of assessment that measure not only content skills, but personal traits including perseverance and empathy.

It’s all about design. Several sessions addressed the concept of “learning by design.” Instead of teaching students in a lockstep “worksheet” approach, we need to teach students how to approach a problem in a systematic method, and encourage them to solve problems interdependently.

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Inquiry, inquiry, inquiry. We need to break the mold of posing questions to students and coaxing them to answer. Instead, we need to better teach them how to question themselves, explore, and make their own meaning. Not coincidentally, “Inquiry” is the first core value of the Science Leadership Academy.

Building community. Whether it’s like-minded educators forging bonds at Educon, or students connecting with classmates across the hall (or around the globe), it is clear that we learn more and live happier, healthier lives when we are connected with others.



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5 FETC Takeaways

There’s an App for that! From the opening “shootout” to theclosing session, thousands of apps were suggested—enough tofill every need and create some new needs.



Like all things Texas, the San Antonio show floor is large, which makes it easier to get around and find what you need. Here are my top takeaways from ISTE 2017, as well as a few from some of our fantastic T&L advisors.

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5 TCEA Takeaways

Mobile is everywhere:This hardly comes asa surprise, but justabout every session hadsomething to do withmobile learning.

Franklin Institute and SLA to host EduCon 2.2 promo image

Franklin Institute and SLA to host EduCon 2.2

 Registration is now open for EduCon 2.2, the second annual conference and conversation on education and innovation hosted by Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy in conjunction with The Franklin Institute.

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T&L's ISTE Takeaways

Like all things Texas, the San Antonio show floor is large, which makes it easier to get around and find what you need. Here are some of our T&L advisors' top takeaways from ISTE 2017.

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T&L reports live from Educon 2.2

Educon 22 is an impressive conference held at Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy, and kicked off with a full house of educators and top edtech names from around the country.Self described as "EduCon 2.2 ...is not a technology conference. It is