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Access desktop, applications through browsers

Ericom Software today confirmed that many of Ericom AccessNow’s early evaluators are K-12 schools and universities
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Ericom Software today confirmed that many of Ericom AccessNow’s early evaluators are K-12 schools and universities. AccessNow provides access to applications and desktops directly from Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (with Chrome Frame plug-in), Firefox, Opera and other browsers with HTML5 and WebSocket support, without any plug-ins required.

AccessNow also enables remote access from virtually any device that can run an HTML5-compatible browser, which allows students and staff to access resources from home, dormitories, laboratories and remote locations.

Technological advances and the diversity of new end-point devices, such as Google Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones, are enabling more students and staff to access school applications and desktops. However, the burden of managing these access capabilities, including maintaining software on student and faculty computers, can overwhelm already overloaded IT managers.

AccessNow provides a universal access solution that is independent of the end-user device hardware and the operating system it runs, simplifying central management of Windows applications and desktops. Ericom offers special pricing plans for the education and government markets.



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 ZeroDesktop, Inc., developer of Web Desktop solutions for public and private cloud computing, today announced ZeroPC Private Cloud (, providing education and businesses serving 1,000+ concurrent users per entry-server or 3,000+ on an advanced-server with a full-function yet cost-effective virtual desktop that extends the life of their outdated computers.