Advice for school networking employment

Question: I am interested in working for a school district in the IT department. What would you recommend I do to become marketable in this job field?

The IT Guy says:
If a local community college offers any courses in basic networking and PC troubleshooting, those courses may help you develop and refine skills that would be valuable in a school IT environment. Building and repairing your own PCs can be a great way to learn about computer repair and troubleshooting as well. With the Internet and Google, there are a wealth of available resources about how to build your own PC.

Podcasts and now vodcasts are great sources of information about IT issues and troubleshooting. “SYStm” is a fun geek-oriented web delivered TV show that addresses an eclectic bunch of issues. The podcast “Security Now” is an excellent source of information about security related issues.

Earning a certification from Microsoft or Cisco is a big plus in the IT environment. If you get hired by a school district, see if they will pay for you to earn these certifications, which can be more valuable than degrees in the IT world, since they speak directly to the knowledge and skill base you bring to your work environment.

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