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An app for trees? It's a natural

  MyNature Inc. has released MyNature Tree Guide 1.1 for iOS.
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MyNature Inc. has released MyNature Tree Guide 1.1 for iOS. The app asks the user questions and matches the answers against its database for the tree that most closely resembles the answered questions. The user can then view photos and range maps, or read more to learn about the tree and its growth cycle.

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White House Christmas Trees

White House Christmas Trees The White House Historical Association takes a look at how Christmas has been celebrated in the White House throughout its history. It's interesting to see how the Christmas trees have been decorated using themes chosen by the various first ladies. There are close-up

Trees for Arbor Day

Trees for Arbor Day Imagine a world without trees. Students can click on a barren field to see the transformation of the bare dirt by plants and trees. The authors include an online reference guide that lists the benefits of trees and an excellent alphhabetical tree guide, excellent for

Natural Ireland

 From the PBS program Nature comes this interactive site allowing usrs to explore a map of Ireland's wilderness and wildlife. The map includes items of particular geologic and biologic interest. Clicking on each brings up a slideshow of that natural environment.

National Museum of Natural History

Name: National Museum of Natural History Brief Description of the Site: This division of the Smithsonian has a wealth of topics related to natural history, and is updated regularly for new features. Highlights change regularly making this a must visit site monthly, just for the new information available. This

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