Anthro-Charging Cart for Tablets

Anthro-Charging Cart for Tablets Retail Price: $1,499

The Anthro Charging Cart holds 40 devices in four rows of ten bays. With 10 in a row, it’s easy to see from a distance which units are docked and which are in use. Stacking in four rows gives the cart a small footprint.

Quality and Effectiveness: The Tablet Charging Cart works for both iPad and Android devices (this reviewer uses iPads). It is a great addition to a classroom that has 1-40 iPads (the cart charges all 40 iPads at one time). The cart uses just one outlet to charge all 40 iPads and each iPad can stay in its case while charging. The cart charges 10 iPads in 3-5 hours, giving the iPads a full 10-hour charge. It can easily move around the room, allowing teachers to use the cart as a lecturn

Ease of Use: The cart has two doors that lock on either side and you can add a lock for extra security. One side has the outlets and room to store peripherals such as a VGA adaptor, stylus, etc. The other door has individual compartments where the iPads slide in. Users may want to color code their adaptors so when removing the iPads, they know what plug goes to which iPad. The Getting Started instructions include information on power usage, cable management, and doors and locks.

Creative Use of Technology: The small footprint of the Anthro Charging Cart makes it a practical piece of equipment for classrooms. The cart can reduce the number of iPads or tablets a school may need as the cart holds 40 units and is easily transported from room to room. The cart syncs iPad 1 and iPad 2 devices with iOS5 wirelessly. If your school has iPads with iOS4, a Sync Kit can be purchased separately for $129. The ability to sync your iPads all at once makes it easy to add new apps.


• Finally, a place to charge iPads in the classroom while syncing at the same time.
• The cart allows iPads stay in their cases while charging, reducing the chance of breaking the glass screen.
• Classes can easily share iPads and charge them overnight so they are ready to use the following day.

OVERALL RATING: The Anthro Charging Cart is a perfect complement to those schools adopting iPads or Android tablets.