April 2013, What’s New

April 2013, What’s New

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Aerohive Networks has expanded its cloud networking solutions to include the new SR-series switches, the HiveManager 6.0 network management system, and the HiveOS 6.0 network operating system. The new SR-series access switches combine cloud management, on-demand provisioning, and secure branch routing to reduce the complexity of today’s mobile environments. HiveManager 6.0 and HiveOS 6.0 add a new customizable analytics dashboard and user-based application visibility and control.


ALEKS Corporation announced the availability of its first K-12 and higher education courses for iPad and select Android tablets. Eight ALEKS courses are now optimized to work in the emerging tablet environment. Since ALEKS is Web-based, students can quickly access their accounts anytime, anywhere, via a tablet, laptop, or traditional computer.


Atomic Learning introduces TechCore, an add-on component to the company’s professional development solution. TechCore educates teachers on the shifts they’ll need to make in their ELA and math instruction to incorporate the critical technology components of the CCSS. Educators can access sample lessons and view examples of implementation from other teachers of their same subject area and grade level.


KnowledgeLake’s document imaging solution is now fully compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2013. KnowledgeLake Imaging will provide new functionality and features that take advantage of what’s new in SharePoint 2013. This program also offers a range of deployment options including on-premises and cloud.


Lightspeed Systems has announced the release of Mobile Learning Essentials. This solution combines three software elements for mobile learning: safety and filtering, mobile management, and a collaborative learning platform. The addition of device configuration services helps schools roll out devices and help with deployment.


Early Learning Labs announces the second edition of myIGDIs (Individual Growth and Development Indicators) for early literacy. This program is built upon a foundation of research conducted by the University of Minnesota. The myIGDIs Early Literacy+ program is a data-based approach to screening and monitoring progress to evaluate young readers who are on their way towards becoming school-ready.


Odysseyware has released a new set of assessment tools and instructional materials to support Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Its Common Core Assessment and Remediation Tool helps K-8 teachers identify student competency levels in relation to CCSS and provides supplemental materials for targeted skills remediation and practice. The mini-lessons focus on one skill per lesson and approach content differently than in the basic curriculum. Now fully integrated into Odysseyware software, this tool is available now.


Edvation updated the PD21 professional development solution that includes short, self-paced tutorials to help teachers build foundational technical skills in spreadsheet and database applications, word processing, Web 2.0 tools, and multimedia authoring. The program also includes anytime and instructorled workshops that teach strategies for integrating 21st century instructional practices into lesson planning, and an In2class library of more than 150 ready-to-use, classroom technology integration projects.


The beta-version of Personal Learning Profiler is based on the Renzulli Learning program from Compass Learning. This program helps teachers engage in differentiated learning. The profiler takes students through a series of questions based on 40+ years of research to quickly and accurately determine each student’s learning style, expression style, and areas of interest.


NBC Learn, in partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF), has released five new videos in the “Science Behind The News” series. These programs feature interviews with NSF-funded scientists and researchers and illuminate the STE M concepts behind unique topics related to issues in the news. The new videos include “Predictive Policing,” which highlights a new tactic in the LAPD’s fight against crime, and “Impacts on Jupiter,” which covers the effects of comets on Jupiter’s surface.


With Shmoop’s new AP exams, students can prep for marathon sessions in the testing room with full-length practice exams, and then review the results with in-depth answer explanations. From Statistics to Environmental Science, Shmoop can help prepare students to knock the stuffing out of those big, bad tests.


The Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies has announced the launch of Smithsonian Quests, a digital badge program that fosters project-based learning. Students complete a series of online activities and submit their work for review by Smithsonian education experts to earn digital badges. The activities include creative writing, photography, oral histories, and graph-making.


SoftChalk has launched new features and enhancements for SoftChalk Cloud, its cross-platform learning object repository and content authoring platform that works with any learning management system. Now, all of SoftChalk’s learning activities are viewable on iPads and Android devices. Additionally, SoftChalk Cloud can now be integrated with even more learning management systems, such as Blackboard, Moodle, and Desire2Learn.


Standards for Success, the online, customizable teacher evaluation platform, has partnered with Interactive Achievement, which provides Web-based assessment and data management software for school districts. The partnership creates a quantitative data management solution for teachers and district leaders to help them develop a robust, interactive, staff evaluation tool.


WIN Learning introduces the Soft Skills Series, a Webbased program that builds skill mastery around communication, professionalism, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. WIN Soft Skills provides educators with a curricular framework to teach middle and high school students the foundational behaviors needed for post-graduation success.



PBS KIDS has released new, educational iPad apps from their two series Dinosaur Train and The Electric Company. The apps encourage math and literacy skills using familiar characters from the series. The apps feature interactive, engaging games to practice skills such as counting, measurement, geometry, and telling time.


i>clicker released “i>clicker GO,” a virtual student response app. The virtual student response remote will be compatible with iOS and Android smart devices and accessible via laptops. It will be available for purchase for the Fall 2013 semester. i>clicker also now integrates with Instructure’s Canvas, Moodle, and Sakai, making i>clicker compatible with nearly every learning management system (LMS).


The new myCreate app, offered by iCreate to Educate, allows students to express ideas through the hands-on creation of videos. Students incorporate everything from classroom resources to household items to demonstrate their understanding of Common Core content. Videos can be saved to personal albums and shared with educators, peers, and family through Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and HapYak, which lets users add personalized comments and drawings to videos.


Slate Science, an educational technology company offering STE M education products for tablets, has launched SlateMath. This program will offer a series of educational apps that the company will bring to market during 2013. SlateMath can be downloaded for free in multiple languages and is available now in Apple’s App Store.


Epson (www.epsonbrighterfutures.com) has introduced two 3D projector solutions, the PowerLite W16 and W16SK. Both projectors deliver three times brighter colors than most competitive projectors, allowing 3D content to be easily viewed in typical, well-lit classroom settings. The projectors also offer easy set-up and connectivity options.

Vernier (www.vernier.com) introduces five new sensors for STE M education—the Goniometer (pictured), Radiation Monitor, Vernier Optical DO Probe, Ethanol Sensor, and Pyranometer. These tools provide high school and college classes with tools to conduct engaging investigations across many scientific disciplines.

Crestron (www.crestron.com) has released the new 64x64 DigitalMedia switcher, which is built to meet high-definition and analog AV distribution requirements for large commercial facilities. The switcher accepts, manages, and distributes 64 AV sources of virtually any signal type. The connection extends across long and short distances over a Cat5e wire or fiber, all on a single platform. It also features an innovative, modular blade, I/O expansion system, and a built-in, 15”, color touch screen.

Smart School Systems (www.smartschoolsystems.com) has released the SmartScope iGO, a handheld digital microscope that connects wirelessly to the iOS and Android mobile devices. Users can connect to up to three devices and view the live images from the SmartScope iGO. Each device can take pictures and record videos. The SmartScope iGO’s single focus dial makes it a great discovery tool for students at all grade levels.

Amplify Education (amplify.com/tablet) unveiled the first open, tablet-based learning platform designed specifically for K-12 education. The platform, which runs on a 10-inch Android tablet, offers schools a 1:1 personalized learning solution at an introductory price of $299 for the device when purchased with a 2-year subscription at $99 per year. The subscription includes everything in the Amplify Tablet, 4G LTE connectivity, smart data management tools, and more.

Samsung Electronics America (www.samsung.com/business) has announced its next-generation TC191W (pictured) and TC241W thin clients and its NC191 and NC241 zero-client, cloud displays. Both the TC- and NC-series cloud displays provide integrated connectivity to business clouds via desktop virtualization technology, eliminating the need for a bulky PC with excessive IT administration costs.

BenQ America (www.benq.us) introduces the SH940, the company’s latest high-brightness, large-venue projector. With native, full HD, 1080p resolution, the device offers flexible installation features and Hollywood Quality Video (HQV). It is also designed to bring A/V experiences to large spaces at a lower total cost of ownership. The SH940 offers 4,000 lumens of brightness, a high contrast ratio of 50000:1, picture-in-picture display, and full connectivity to create an integrated entertainment media hub.

Panasonic (www.panasonic.com) has announced the availability of its new, lamp-free Solid Shine Series of projectors. The series features a LED, laser light source that delivers up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation. All models in the PT-RZ370 and PT-RZ470 series deliver 3,500 lumens of brightness and provide features that are ideal for educational institutions.

Casio America’s (www.casioeducation.com) new fx-55 PLUS Manipulative Kit includes Casio’s fx-55 PLUS fraction calculator in addition to 20 other math tools designed for elementary level mathematics. The manipulative kit was created in partnership with EAI Education Distributors to address all national and Common Core standards.