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Arkansas school boards share digital tools

The Center for Digital Government reports that many state and local governments are focusing on core services and opportunities to collaborate. This collaboration is now extending to state associations, which are starting to partner on the development and support of tools and resources in order to take advantage of economies of scale and lower development costs.

One example is provided by the Arkansas School Boards Association, which has begun using a web-based suite of software products for effective governance, including modules for paperless meetings, policies, strategic plans, and evaluations.

“In these tough economic times, we must look at ways technology can help local systems work more efficiently while sharing best practices for effective governance and leadership," said Dan Farley, Executive Director of ASBA."We believe that eBOARD is the perfect tool to keep our association focused on our mission while providing the accountability and transparency that our stakeholders expect and deserve—it’s all about working smarter and we believe eBOARD does just that.”

eBOARD is a web-based governance tool that helps organizations by providing a single source for access to pertinent data, advanced search capabilities, streamlined workflow and enhanced communications with stakeholders.