Audio Book Library Forms Partnership with Maine ACTEM

Tales2Go announced today its partnership with ACTEM, the Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine, to offer a group buying opportunity for ACTEM members. ACTEM’s mission is to bring together technology and education for Maine school administrators, educators and students.

Tales2Go streams thousands of audio books and stories from to desktops and mobile devices in classrooms and beyond, giving on-demand access to a library of name-brand titles.

“Tales2Go is a timely literacy tool for Maine schools which can leverage their existing investments in iPads® and iPods® and desktops,” said Gary Lanoie, Executive Director at ACTEM. “Little is more important that getting students excited about and skilled reading, particularly by third grade.”

Many current subscribers use Tales2Go in concert with printed text, bringing oral and decoding skills together. A recent study showed that student achievement increased when a listening component was added to reading instruction.

“Since oral language precedes written language, kids learn first by listening; it’s how they start building their vocabulary, a large vocabulary being key to reading ability,” said William Weil, CEO Tales2Go. “Not to mention that kids love listening to stories, particularly those that spark their imaginations.”