Auntie Virus

Question: I was amazed that while all of us at my work site have a very powerful program on-line that is regularly updated by the IT department, 5 out of 10 machines did not have it operational, leaving them open to an invasion, hours of frustration and lengthy problem solving sessions. It reminds me of when a certain aunt of mine shows up uninvited. While I'm stuck with her, you don't have to allow uninvited guests into your computer. Any thoughts on this?

The IT Guy says:
While the IT guy doesn't make product recommendations, I do think it's essential that certain products, especially anti-virus and even anti-spyware, be used. I was stunned to see how many people don't use virus software because "My machine is a stand alone." While most districts insist on such a program, many teachers work at home and answer E-mails and questions from students. They, like the rest of us, need anti-virus protection. Look for ease of use, installation and flexibility of operation in whatever system you use. Also see what it takes to keep it up to date, such as subscribing to an ‘update’ feature, and then make sure it is working.

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