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Question: Word keeps on correcting things that I don't want it to! How can I make it stop?

The IT Guy says:
Auto correcting is one of those things that we love when it works well, and drives us nuts when it gets too naggy or keeps pushing fixes we don't agree with.

To adjust this, go to the Tools menu and select AutoCorrect Options. You will see an impressive list of auto correcting options, including such things as Capitalize first letter of sentences, and Correct TWo INitial CApitals. (I had to turn that second one off to be able to write this without it being corrected!) If you see any one of these that annoys you, click the check mark next to it to switch it off.

You can also modify this tool. The bottom half of the window will have a section called Replace text as you type. There is a long list of common misspellings and special symbols that Word will automatically fix for you, such as inserting the copyright symbol © when you type (c). There is a place to type in your own words or abbreviations that will be corrected for you, so you can create your own shorthand codes that Word will complete for you. For instance, you can put in adc and have the phrase asleep during class automatically replace it as you type, or other handy phrases for letters home to parents. It can easily be used for practical jokes, so if you find that certain words magically turn into strange and unrelated words or phrases, you'll know where to look to fix it!

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