Automated Essay Grading and Blackboard

Is there any essay test question software out there that allows automatic comparison and grading of a Blackboard essay question against a reference document?

I spent a bit of time researching this question. While companies such as Vantage Learning and Pearson Knowledge Technologies do offer programs that automate grading essays, I was not able to track down an add-on module for Blackboard that would allow teachers to automate grading of an essay generated within Blackboard’s Academic Suite. So I called Blackboard Technical Support and was told that there are hundreds of ‘building blocks,’ or add-on modules that have been created by third parties, but the person I spoke with was not aware of one that automated essay grading. Of course, you can link from Blackboard to another Web site, so theoretically it would be possible to use another Web-based system to create and grade essays, but the instructor would still need to import the results into the Blackboard grade book. If readers are aware of an add-on module for Blackboard that would allow teachers to grade essay questions created in Blackboard, please click on the 'Submit a question or tip' link below and I will share the information in a future tip.

Submitted by:SJN

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