Automating Tasks in Macintosh OS X (10.3)

Question: How can I automate tasks in Macintosh OS X?

The IT Guy says:
There are several ways to automate tasks in OS X. If you just want a particular program to open when you log in, choose SYSTEM PREFERENCES, ACCOUNTS. Click on the account name on the left for which you want to change settings, and then click the STARTUP ITEMS tab on the far right. Click the (+) icon at the bottom of the window and browse your hard drive to locate the program you want to start when you login. If you want to automate a task or series of steps that need to be performed after you are logged in, you can purchase the commercial software QuickKeys, which lets you record a series of actions and save them as a macro. That macro can then be started with a keyboard shortcut (a sequence of keys you hold down and press together.)

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