Automating Tasks in Windows XP

Question: I would like to know how to start a program automatically at a certain time in the day in Windows XP.

The IT Guy says:
Go to START – SETTINGS – CONTROL PANELS and double click SCHEDULED TASKS. Double click the icon ADD SCHEDULED TASK to start a wizard that will let you setup the automated task you want. For example, you can schedule the disk defragmenter program to run at a certain time every week. You will be prompted to select the program you want to run, and then be asked how often you want this program to run. Choices include daily, weekly, monthly, One time only, when my computer starts, or when I log on. You can specify a username and password to run the program/task under (which may be required depending on how the administrative rights are setup on your computer and network, and which program you have selected.) Choose “Open Advanced Properties for this task when I click Finish†if you want to further customize this task, including how long the task should be allowed to run, if the status of the computer’s battery (if a laptop) should affect runtime, etc. If you regularly open certain programs on your computer every time you log on, this is a handy way to automate the process of opening those applications.

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