Why You Should Enter the Tech & Learning's Awards of Excellence 2020

awards of excellence
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For over 40 years, Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence have recognized exceptional products and services within Education Technology. The Awards of Excellence celebrate products released or re-released over the last year, and their contribution to educators across the country. 

As Tech & Learning continues to act as a go-to source to help readers and brands navigate the unprecedented changes which have arisen due to the long-term school closures mandated during the coronavirus pandemic.  As part of this effort, the Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence have launched earlier this year to serve as a spotlight on stand-out products that are improving the way educators work and students learn.  


Here are three reasons to enter the Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence contest: 

  1. Nominating a product is easy. No shipping of products or setting up guest user accounts. Just complete a simple form that tells our judges how your product is is helping schools solve problems and support great teaching and learning.
  2. Winning an Awards of Excellence award is a stamp of approval that your product is impacting teaching and learning. Our judges are experienced edtech professionals who apply their expertise as they evaluate nominated products.
  3. Cut through the noise. There are new products being launched for schools every day. Winning the T&L Awards of Excellence can help your product stand out with an endorsement from our judges and the chance to showcase your company in a special section of winning products in Tech & Learning magazine. 

What are Judges Looking for?

The online nomination process is very straightforward. Companies are asked to provide a brief product description, and answer the following questions: 

  • How is this product unique?
  • How is this product being used in education?
  • What specific problem does this product solve?

*You may also attach up to three testimonials to help tell your story (video, case studies, white papers, websites, etc.). Get creative! The nomination content is your chance to tell the product’s story.

Our judging panel of tech-savvy educators will then be tasked with evaluating each product on its own merit, scoring the product on:

  • Uniqueness in the market 
  • Ability to solve a problem 
  • Price value
  • Suitability for use

Tips For Your Nomination:  

Focusing your application on the judging criteria will help the judges better understand how your product is truly excellent, but that isn’t all you can do to better your chances of winning: 

Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when entering the Awards of Excellence: 

  1. Variety is the spice of life! Submissions can include a number of mediums from traditional case studies, video testimonials, or podcast essays.Mix it up! 
  2. Give the judges an engaging story. The nomination form is fairly open, and offers a great opportunity to tell the story of how your product or service makes a difference in learning.
  3. Sing your praises!  Most importantly, we want to hear from the educators themselves. How does this tech change educating and learning on a day-to-day basis?

The highest scoring products will be awarded the Tech & Learning Award of Excellence and be featured in a special edition of Tech & Learning distributed to district leaders and educators across the country.  

This guide will help buyers make educated decisions on product purchasing in the absence of live events where edtech products would typically be demonstrated. 

Check out the Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence.

To learn more about Tech & Learning's Awards of Excellence, as well as Best of Show at ISTE and Best of Show at TCEA awards programs, please visit Tech & Learning Awards Programs.