Aztec Public Schools use LaunchPad to manage computing in classrooms

New Mexico's Aztec Public Schools strives to provide innovative solutions that support teaching and learning. Because of that mission, the district recently began using ClassLink LaunchPad with 400 thin client computers at Koogler Middle School and plans are to expand district wide in the coming years.

ClassLink LaunchPad is the centralized point of access where teachers and students login to see a customized, dynamic desktop from which all applications can be easily accessed from any computing device in the school, community or home. The product eases IT staff's workload since maintenance is done in one central location. LaunchPad also includes a number of embedded classroom-management tools, calendaring, and more.

"In my previous job, I had a staff of 36 compared to my current staff of four,“ says Nathan Holmes, technology director at Aztec. "We need to make it easy for teachers to use technology and that is where LaunchPad excels.”

Holmes says he chose LaunchPad because "it supports less expensive thin-client technology and allows us to greatly expand our technology in the classrooms while at the same time reducing the amount of staff time needed for maintenance. But even more importantly, LaunchPad paves the way for many new student-centered learning opportunities in the classrooms."

Patti Shaffer, a teacher at Kooler Middle School, agrees that the product is a great fit. "LaunchPad makes it easy for teachers to differentiate instruction as needed and for students to use different software programs right in the classroom," she says. “Not only is it perfect for the classroom, but students are able to access their school writing assignments and classroom projects from home using the same software available at school. How many students have Office 2010 at home? With ClassLink, any student with access to a computer can work on school assignments from anywhere. How great is that?”