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Back Office Business

A Virginia district puts a robust wireless network in place

Challenge: Guided by a long-term strategic plan, Chesterfield County (VA) Public Schools wanted to prepare its students to thrive in a rapidly changing world and needed an enterprise-class, centrally managed, wireless network.

Solution: The 62-school district went with Aerohive, citing its cost, security, and ease of setup and management as major considerations. Chesterfield has deployed more than 2,000 Aerohive access points (APs), and all schools now have coverage. “From my perspective, Aerohive’s wireless [network] is one of the few things where we know the exact cost,” says Adam Seldow, executive director of technology. “And we know that we can buy as many or as few units as we need at any point in time. We can scale up quickly and at different rates just by simply buying APs.”

Oklahoma renews contract with Web-based math curriculum provider

Challenge: The Oklahoma State Department of Education wanted to find a way to provide more of its students with the opportunity to succeed in math.

Solution: The state chose to renew and expand its contract with Think Through Math (TTM), a Web-based, supplemental math program for students in grades 3 and up. “Leveraging TTM to help ready our students for Algebra I falls right in line with one of our key goals for STEM—to decrease the number of students needing remediation in math and science prior to entering higher education,” says Jeff Downs, executive director of the Oklahoma State DoE’s STEM program.

Gwinnett County Schools makes bus driving safer

Challenge: Administrators at Gwinnett County (GA) Public Schools were seeking a way to monitor and detect drivers who illegally pass school buses.

Solution: They discovered a safety camera system called Redflex Student Guardian. The district installed the system on 100 buses this summer and expects to outfit up to 40% of its 1,900 buses later this year. It’s the second largest student transporter in the county (New York City is #1). The Student Guardian safety camera system consists of a single enclosure installed approximately six feet behind the stop-arm, monitoring traffic in both directions. Evidence of potential violations is submitted to local law enforcement to determine whether a citation is warranted.

The State of Rhode Island chooses a new SIS

Challenge: The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) reviewed multiple student information system (SIS) vendors so that districts in its state could purchase a comprehensive, Web-based system that integrates attendance, grading, scheduling, special education, discipline, and demographic information in one centralized system.

Solution: RIDE selected Skyward, Inc. The Central Falls School District and Pawtucket School Department have already purchased the SIS. “The Pawtucket School Department recognizes that an all-inclusive system will help teachers target individual needs of students,” says Hersh Cristino, chief information and innovation officer. “Skyward will enable teachers to easily plot student achievements and provide feedback to students and parents. The system’s real-time data reporting features, Response to Intervention capabilities, and parent portals will provide us with the necessary tools to move our students even further.”

Online instruction come s to Georgia and Utah

Challenge: Georgia and Utah wanted to offer online instructional material to their states.

Solution: The two states signed on with Edgenuity, a provider of online and blended learning solutions. Edgenuity already provides mathematics instructional materials to New Mexico, one of 22 states that has endorsed the use of digital materials as part of its curriculum. “As wireless access and mobile devices become ubiquitous, digital materials let us give students access to engaging, high-quality resources, and allows teachers to truly personalize the learning experience,” says Aaryn Schmuhl, assistant superintendent for learning and leadership at Henry County Schools, a Georgia district that adopted Edgenuity as its math content provider last year.