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Assessment and data management are the key words for summer and fall 2004, with more and more companies offering solutions for administering and scoring interim assessments, then interpreting those scores to affect classroom practice. Meanwhile, traditional curriculum resources are positioning themselves as supplements to bridge gaps in skills. And hardware companies-included in this annual guide for the first time-offer educators a range of projectors, tablet PCs, interactive whiteboards, and other devices for classroom or administrative use.

Achievement Technologies

The CornerStone2 series provides supplemental instruction in core reading, language arts, and math skills. (888) 391-3245

Adobe Systems

Adobe is offering educators a 30-day free trial version and a $30 rebate on the purchase of Acrobat 6.0 Professional, as well as free online training, curriculum guides, and an Acrobat for Educators community for sharing best practices. (800) 833-6687

AIMS Multimedia

Version 5.0 of DigitalCurriculum is visually redesigned for increased usability and streamlined navigation. A new feature, Calendar Events, furnishes educators with a timeline of noteworthy events aligned with curriculum topics throughout the year. (800) 367-2467


Neo, a lightweight computer companion, comes with a built-in LCD screen and a full-sized keyboard, new font technology, and over 700 hours of battery life from three AAA batteries. (888) 274-0680

American Museum of Natural History

A new content area on Earth Science will be added to the free OLogy Web site for kids. Also, visit for the fall and winter courses of Seminars on Science, an online professional development program for K-12 teachers. (800) 649-6715


Apple Remote Desktop 2 allows network managers to remotely manage and install software on their networked Macs. (800) 692-7753

Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning's new series consists of 31 tutorial movies for netTrekker, the online search engine for schools. Tutorials for Office 2003, Adobe GoLive CS, Adobe InDesign CS, Inspiration 7.5, DVD StudioPro 2, and Robolab are also available. (866) 259-6890


Averatec 6100 Series notebook PCs feature Intel Pentium 4 processors, 512MB DDR memory, a built-in digital media card slot, and a 15.4-inch wide-screen XGA display. (877) 462-3462

Axis Communications

AXIS 206W Wireless Network Camera comes with an Axis Camera Explorer for image viewing and recoding. (800) 444-2947


The Blackboard Academic Suite includes the Learning System, an online education delivery application; the Portal System, a tool set for organizations; and the Content System for content management. (800) 424-9299


CP-730e and CP-740e, two models of LCD projectors from BOXLIGHT, weigh 7 pounds and feature digital keystone adjustment, XGA resolution, and a 500-to-1 contrast ratio. (800) 762-5757


Two new titles in BrainPOP's library of animated educational movies, Election and Olympics, are accompanied by an interactive quiz, activity page, timeline, and more. (212) 689-9923 ext.11


BrightStar Dyslexia Program, a six-week, technology-based course, stimulates language centers to improve reading, writing, comprehension, and spelling skills. (866) 438-2744

Bytes of Learning

UltraKey 4.0 keyboarding software is now available for Mac OS X; UltraKey 5.0 provides keyboarding instruction on Palm Powered wide-screen devices. (800) 465-6428


The Califone 4100 USB headset requires no sound card and is compatible with Win 98/ME/2000/XP and Mac OS 9 or higher. The Wireless Powered Learning Center is a multistation wireless cassette machine with features that include built-in microphone, pause and tone controls, and AC/DC operation. (800) 722-0500


Mac School 6.0 student management system has been maximized for Mac OS X. The update also includes enhanced security functions, a new interface, and easier setup. (800) 999-9931

Clarity Innovations

New features in allow educators to create Web pages and manage and edit content on Web logs. (877) 683-3187

ClickN' Kids

ClickN' READ consists of 100 fully animated and interactive online lessons for intervention and supplemental reading instruction. (877) 254-2522

CMP Books

From T&L's parent company, CMP, comes Digital Media in the Classroom, a book that shows K-12 teachers how they can use software, the Web, interactive games, desktop publishing, and digital accessories in their everyday classroom lessons. (800) 500-6875


Odyssey for English Language Learners, available this fall, uses real-world situations, such as a virtual neighborhood with shops and a theater, to engage learners. (800) 422-4339


WordPerfect Office 12 Student and Teacher Edition offers the same applications as the Professional Edition, but with a retail price of $99 and a flexible licensing and eligibility program. (800) 772-6735

CRI Advantage

Web-based Academic Accelerator provides data management and reporting as well as tools for communicating with parents and the community. (208) 343-9192

Crick Software

ClozePro enables teachers to create a range of interactive cloze activities for developing reading, comprehension, and vocabulary skills. (866) 332-7425

Curriculum Associates

BRIGANCE CIBS-R's Web-based management system computes raw data for assessments and creates reports that include quotients, percentiles, age equivalents, and more. (800) 225-0248

Discovery Education

Discovery Education offers a new suite of 42 science CD-ROMs with video content and simulations to bring life, physical, and earth science lessons to students in grades 6-12. Also, in partnership with the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Discovery Education has professional and staff development video content delivered digitally via unitedstreaming. (888) 892-3484

DynEd International

A beginning course in English language learning for ages 10-17, First English develops listening, speaking, grammar, reading, and writing skills. (800) 765-4375

Eagletron and Compex

Compex NP26G-USB wireless router and Eagletron TrackerPod have been combined to create a wireless pan and tilt Webcam package.

Educational Insights

New Jeopardy Link allows teachers to create, edit, and share quizzes on their computers, then transfer the quizzes to Classroom Jeopardy cartridges via a USB-enabled cradle. (800) 933-3277

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Britannica Online School Edition has divided content into three "reference libraries"-advanced, intermediate, and elementary-that include age-appropriate encyclopedia articles, dictionary, atlas, and historical timelines. (800) 323-1229


The PowerLite line of projectors offers many models and features. 830p and 835p are both 3000-lumen desktop/installable XGA projectors. The 2000-lumen 81p and 61p multimedia projectors are portable. The S1+ multipurpose projector offers 1400 lumens of brightness, SVGA native resolution, and three LCD panels for projection. (800) 442-1977

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

With Take it to the Computer-Writing Sentences and Paragraphs for grades 1-5, students learn basic computer skills while engaging in activities that guide them through the writing process. (800) 777-4489


eZedia QTI 2.0 allows Windows users to create rich Web content and interactive movies. (204) 984-9210


FableVision, in partnership with Boston University, has created Lia, an animated 14-year-old tech-savvy girl who "solves real-world problems with the power of light and science." She will be featured in broadcast programming, classroom products, and an educational Web site. (800) 240-3734


FileMaker Mobile 7 is designed specifically for handhelds for maximum data portability. It also allows for Palm wide-screen viewing, synchronizing multiple devices with the same desktop database, and more. (800) 325-2747

First Virtual Communications

Click to Meet 4.0 is a browser-based online education delivery program that can be enhanced with real-time communications via telecommunication devices already in place at the school. (800) 728-6337

Follett Software

With the browser-based Destiny Textbook Manager, school staff can check books in and out using a bar code scanner, and maintain records on the holder of the book and its condition. (800) 323-3397


Teachers can integrate digital photo and film technology as a part of their lesson plans through Fujifilm's Products for Learning, a program to improve communication skills through hands-on learning.

Funds for Learning

The latest version of E-rate Manager incorporates a new interface and additional features to help program participants track their funding requests and generate the multiple forms necessary to receive discounts. (405) 341-4140


Learning Management Systems, an integrated Web-based platform that can house an organization's training programs, is available at no cost with a minimum purchase of 15 Gateway learning subscriptions. (800) 211-4952

Generation YES

TechYES is a new technology training and certification program for students in grades 6-9. The Starter Kit for 30 students includes student guides, a comprehensive implementation guide, and a TechYES Web portal account. (310) 944-3655

Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Holt Online Assessment for Literature enables teachers to diagnose students' understanding of literature, assign intervention, and track improvement with practice tests. (800) 992-1627


AOL@SCHOOL will incorporate Hotmath's step-by-step tutorials for pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, precalculus, and calculus into its free education portal. (510) 524-5525


The modular True North Logic Solutions Suite is designed to simplify the management of infrastructure, support services, data, and technology standards. (866) 422-6252


The E400 entry-level projector weighs 4.6 pounds and features DLP technology along with 1300 ANSI lumens, 1500-to-1 contrast ratio, and ceiling mounting capabilities. (888) 839-9289


Users can plug a USB flash drive directly into the InFocus LP600 projector to present their content in 2000 lumens with a contrast ratio of 1000-to-1. The included LitePort Utility software converts documents into high-quality JPG images. (800) 294-6400


Intel Teach to the Future Workshops on Interactive Thinking Tools provide teachers with hands-on instruction for using free teaching tools available at the Intel Innovation in Education Web site. (800) 538-3373


ISTE's new free online tool for assessing the technological literacy of middle-schoolers is available as a component of Microsoft's U.S. Partners in Learning. The tool can be accessed from ISTE's Web site in mid-August. (800) 336-5191


Several new computer accessories geared to children, including keyboards, headphones, and scroll mice, are available from KidzMouse. (888) 503-5439

Kurzweil Educational Systems

Kurzweil 1000 Version 9 scanning and reading software for blind and low-vision students includes online encyclopedia search and retrieval capabilities, broadened support for Web repositories, and more. (800) 894-5374

EasyTech 4.0 features an enhanced curriculum, adapted Spanish-language resources, expanded assessment options, state-by-state standards correlations, and an updated management system. (800) 580-4640


Create quizzes and review activities in six different game show formats with Gameshow Pro 3. Users can also add graphics, sounds, and movies to every question. (800) 457-5661

Lightspeed Systems

Total Traffic Control Version 5 for Microsoft networks and Windows offers network traffic management and security features such as virus scanning, spam blocking, and more. (877) 447-6244

Lucid Data Corporation

FrameWorks, a component of PDExpress professional development management system, is a tool to support teachers in self-assessment and their coaches in providing specific feedback on performance. (866) 582-4373


Customers purchasing Macromedia Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional will be entered in a weekly drawing for a Casio EX-S3 Exilim Digital Camera. The offer runs through October 30. (800) 470-7211


MailFrontier Enterprise Gateway is an integrated solution that creates an e-mail security infrastructure and protects against spam, fraud, viruses, and directory harvest attacks. (866) 366-7726


Encarta Reference Library Premium 2005 is the latest edition of Microsoft's reference library collection.

Motion Computing

The Motion M1400 Tablet PC features a Intel Pentium M 1.1GHz ULV processor, a 12.1-inch display, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a built-in fingerprint reader. (866) 682-2538


NEC's new projectors and plasma displays feature fast set up and display, low operational costs, brightness and contrast improvements, and more. (800) 632-4636


NetDay, in partnership with Bell South Foundation, will launch the NetDay Student Voices Resource Center, a comprehensive, online how-to kit designed to encourage K-12 students to take part in local decision making. (949) 609-4660


NetSupport Manager 8.6, which includes an updated version of NetSupport School 7.5, combines remote support/help desk functionality with desktop monitoring and instruction. (888) 665-0808


The Envision Your World curriculum integrates digital imaging and visual learning into social studies and science courses. (800) 645-8160

PBS TeacherLine

PBS TeacherLine has launched a national professional development program of facilitated, online professional training for pre-K-12 educators. (800) 572-6386

Pearson Digital Learning

Levels Two and Three of the Waterford Early Math & Science program provide a year of activities to teach math and science concepts to first- and second-graders. (888) 977-7900

Pearson NCS

The Prosper Assessment System combines item banking, test generation, scoring, and reporting in one software package that allows educators to develop tests aligned with state and local standards, and to scan completed tests to receive immediate feedback on student performance. (800) 447-3269

Pinnacle Systems

The Pinnacle Video and Advanced Video tool kits, which are based on Pinnacle video editing software, are designed to give teachers tools to inspire and educate their students through video. (650) 526-1600

PLATO Learning

PLATO Advanced Writing Process and Practice teaches writing strategies, grammar, and mechanics to high school learners. PLATO Achieve Now K-3 Reading is a supplementary early reading program. PLATO Physical Science features units on the properties and structure of matter, chemistry fundamentals, and more. (800) 869-2000


New PowerSchool 4.0 student information system has more than 100 new features, including increased flexibility in scheduling, reduced data entry for incident reporting, and increased parental access. (877) 873-1550, ext.0


Kid Pix Deluxe 4 for Schools has an expanded set of features for classroom use. School versions of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? are also available. PrintMaster Platinum 16 allows users to send greetings, invitations, and more via print or the Internet. Destination Success Activity Books for Destination Math and Destination Reading include exercises that supplement and reinforce the course material. (888) 247-6747


Sagebrush Accent is a centralized library automation system built specifically for K-12 libraries. (800) 533-5430


Scantron's Achievement Series, a Web-based test management engine, will be packaged with SchoolNet Instructional Management System and Microsoft Class Server. (800) 722-6876

SMART Technologies

Bridgit 2.0 conferencing software allows multiple users to connect and share real-time data. Also, a variety of lesson activities are available as free downloads from EDCompass (, SMART's online educator resource. (888) 427-6278


SonicWALL Distributed Wireless Solution provides wired and wireless LAN security, local management, rogue access point detection, and more. (408) 745-9600


A new video-on-demand solution from Sprint will allow schools to provide video content to classrooms using existing bandwidth. Also, the Sprint Empowered Education Desktop now includes tutorials from Atomic Learning and an ASP version of ParentLink. (866) 568-9764


With STIAssessment educators can deliver and score assessments either online or on paper; format data by students, class, school, or district; and access reports online. (800) 844-0884

Sun Microsystems

Open-source StarOffice 7 productivity suite features enhanced compatibility with Microsoft Office files, the option to export files to PDF or Macromedia Flash formats, and additional accessibility options. (800) 555-9786


At, educators and students can access book guides, thematic book lists, audio excerpts of book readings, original movies of authors and illustrators in their studios, and other resources for literature. (608) 257-2919

Tom Snyder Productions

Scholastic Keys provides elementary students with a kid-friendly interface for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. (800) 342-0236


A lightweight wireless notebook, the Satellite M35-S456 Special Edition includes a composite video-in port, DVD-SuperMulti drive, and a host of software features. TDP-S20U and TDP-SW20U projectors feature 1400 lumens, 2000-to-1 contrast ratio, 800x600 SVGA resolution, and integrated wireless capabilities. (800) 978-2542

Ulead Systems

The new version of VideoStudio includes a MovieWizard feature with theme-based intro and exit graphics, music, and more. (800) 858-5323


Version3 Simple Sign-on offers users single-point access to school resources, information, and applications.


Designed for the elementary classroom, Go! Link connects any of 36 Vernier sensors to a computer's USB port, and Go! Temp lets students collect temperature data. Both come packaged with Logger Lite data analysis software. (888) 837-6437

Webcast in a Box

The scalable, plug-and-play Webcast in a Box allows educators and students to broadcast video and software applications on any operating system. (650) 346-4246

Write-On Handwriting

In Powerful Printing and Conquering Cursive, students learn to form letters using a mouse or stylus, and practice extensively in accompanying print workbooks. (513) 841-9595

Mei Levenson is copy editor and Michelle Thatcher is reviews editor for Technology & Learning.