Back-office business: Which districts bought what ?

Back-office business: Which districts bought what ?

Douglas County (CO) School District selects a balanced assessment program

Challenge: Douglas County wanted to turn assessment information into actionable data that can improve student learning and lead to stronger professional development for teachers.
Solution: The district selected Promethean’s ActivProgress, a Web-based data-management platform that lets teachers conduct assessments for learning and put the most effective teaching strategies into practice.

A California district adopts student data system

Challenge: Santa Ana Unified School District needed technology that could provide data it could use to predict outcomes and support student success in both high school graduation and college and career readiness.
Solution: eScholar Complete Data Warehouse for PK-12 will be deployed in each of the district’s high schools this fall. The project will combine data from two existing student information systems with predictive data-analysis reports for staff to monitor progress and provide interventions or resources as needed.

Time to expedite student assessment and reporting?

Challenge: The Binghamton (NY) City School District wanted to replace its internal data collection system and expand its benchmark assessment program.
Solution: To help expedite the studentassessment reporting process across the district, Binghamton selected Certica Solutions’ TestWiz, a Web-based testing analysis and reporting tool. Now district employees can use the program’s plain-paper-scanning technology to quickly analyze student assessment outcomes. “TestWiz has provided our district with a viable solution for managing and analyzing our students’ assessment data in an efficient and cohesive manner,” says Michael Purdy, CIO and director of information services.

New York State expedites scoring of assessments

Challenge: New York State school districts wanted to expedite scoring of grade 3-8 exams.
Solution: Optimum Solutions Corp. (OSC)’s EASE (Educational Assessment Scoring Environment) System let teachers use electronic scoring to help score ELA, math, and science assessments this May. Teachers commented on the ease of viewing the answers onscreen in an organized fashion rather than wading through hundreds of cumbersome answer booklets.

Broken Arrow (OK) Public Schools eases the burden of state reporting

Challenge: Broken Arrow needed a new way to handle state reporting and equip educators with key student data.
Solution: The district chose Mizuni District Solution. “Our district was impressed by how much easier state reporting would be with Mizuni’s automated process,” says Cathy Brown, assistant director for student management. The product made it easier to meet the state’s reporting requirements and allowed staff to transmit high-quality data on time and in the right format.