Barbara's Top Ten Tips

Here's a list of what I believe are the top ten professional development tips:

  1. create a coaching and mentoring program
  2. help your teachers become part of an online learning community.
  3. know the difference between coaching and training and when to use which one.
  4. facilitate design of individual learning plans for your teachers.
  5. create an action plan from priorities developed from the individual learning plans.
  6. substitute the word "and" for "but" whenever possible.
  7. offer "breakfast or lunch with you" for a short coaching session on what the teacher needs to learn.
  8. create websites of resources and projects that support your teachers, the standards, and what students need to know.
  9. select the right people as mentors: curriculum specialists with some technology expertise and good people skills.
  10. co-author or facilitate design of rich curriculum resources and just-in-time resources.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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