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Barriers to Offering Online Courses

Source From Project Tomorrow Learning in the 21st Century 2011 Trends Update, sponsored by Blackboard. Read more at www.tomorrow.org
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Source: From Project Tomorrow! Learning in the 21st Century: 2011 Trends Update, sponsored by Blackboard. Read more at www.tomorrow.org



Partnership expands online course offerings

Connections Learning (www.ConnectionsLearning.com ) and Virtual High School Global Consortium (www.govhs.org ),  today announced a partnership designed to expand the number of core online courses that Virtual High School (VHS) offers their 770 member schools worldwide

Online Courses for Reading Teachers

This year's renewed emphasis on teacher quality has prompted a boom in e-learning options for professional development. And given the emphasis of No Child Left Behind, the current topic of choice is reading. Today's sources of such programs are numerous — with training embedded into curriculum offerings from

Course Management Software

Question: Many school districts in our area are licensing Blackboard as a course management system for professional development and even online classes for students, but I have heard that free, open source alternatives are available. Are any of these viable for school districts to use? The IT Guy says:

Online Learning Tutorials Offered

Atomic Learning has seen high demand for tutorials on Blackboard 8, and now offers more than 58 brief video lessons on managing, presenting, and analyzing assignments, creating conversation between students, and sharing information among other educators.