Basic Macintosh Troubleshooting

Question: Where can I get good information about basic Macintosh troubleshooting techniques?

The IT Guy says:
The Apple Support Website is always a great place to start when you have a specific Macintosh technical issue. If your computer is covered by an Applecare Protection plan, calling Apple Education may be an even faster way to get a solution to your problem.

For a broad, general overview of Macintosh troubleshooting, you might consider taking’s free 5-day online course Focus on Macs: Macintosh OS X Troubleshooting 101. The moderator of this Mac-focused website, Rachael Smithey, continues to compile an excellent selection of resources of interest to Mac users. This free week-long online course can provide a nice overview of methods.

If you are looking for a book, you might check out the “Macintosh Troubleshooting Pocket Guideâ€.

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