Basic Scan Disk Functions

Question: When I shut down my computer "incorrectly" (and even sometimes when I think it shut down just fine), I am greeted by a request to run the Scan Disk function the next time I start up. What should I do?

The IT Guy says:
You should run Scan Disk periodically, not just when the machine freezes. Click Start> Programs> System Accessories> Scan Disk. A GUI that prompts you to select which drive to Scan will greet you. In most cases your main drive is "C", so select that. Initially I click the Standard Scan, though every few months I go back and choose Thorough. The difference is time spent waiting. Next click on the Options button. I choose the combined function first-System and Data Areas- then alternate between the other two-System only and Data only. I normally leave the other two blank at this point.

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