Belkin Tablet Stand and Belkin Tablet Stand with Storage

Belkin Tablet Stand and Belkin Tablet Stand with Storage • Retail Price: Belkin Tablet Stand $25; Belkin Tablet Stand with Storage $40

The Belkin tablet stands are designed with comfort of use and ergonomics in mind. Each stand allows for a tablet to be held at multiple angles in a classroom environment. They can securely position and hold a tablet so that students can interact with the device in more functional methods beyond a desk or table.

Quality and Effectiveness: Although they are complex in design, each of these stands is simple to use. These stands are also durable, light, stackable, and allow users to record footage from multiple angles. The Belkin Tablet Stand with Storage features an extra compartment for cables or other supplies. The case is translucent so it is easy to see what is stored inside.

Ease of Use: These stands also provide ergonomic support for the user by providing multiple angles for holding the tablet. Teachers can use a quick, two-minute demonstration to show students how easy it is to operate the stand. Sitting in front of a tablet with one of these stands will make a notable difference in posture and will offer extra support to the hands and wrists when working with the tablet.

Creative Use of Technology: These stands are creative in their design, which offers durability with a multitude of viewing angles and uses for photography or video recordings. The material grips on the device will also offer a secure hold for students.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: The stands will be a great addition to any classroom. Keeping a tablet secure on a desk will likely extend the life of the device, by keeping it off the floor. It will also help with glare from classroom lighting by providing a better viewing angle.


• Design and durability
• Ergonomics and comfort
• Multiple angles for viewing and recording

OVERALL RATING: These stands would be helpful in many classrooms. Having access to these stands will make many of your classroom projects easier for your students and ultimately will protect your investment.