Best New Software

Best New Software

AirWatch Secure Content Locker

Secure Content Locker protects sensitive content in a corporate container and secures distribution and mobile access so that teachers can access the latest information across all mobile devices. Judges said that “classrooms would benefit from this product,” particularly by enabling teachers to allow or deny applications on classroom devices. Judges also found the dashboard easy to navigate and use.

Atomic Mobilize Online Mobile Learning PD Solution
Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning’s Online Mobile Learning PD solution offers online professional development resources and planning tools for using mobile devices in the classroom. One judge liked the content as well as the different classroom management strategies available. Another judge said that school districts with limited staff to deliver professional development and support mobile learning will find these tools valuable.

Bonjour Gateway

With Bonjour Gateway, administrators can manage and control Apple service availability (such as AirPrint, AirPlay, and file sharing) across an entire enterprise network, either within their existing HiveOS network operating system or by attaching a single Aerohive device to the network. Judges called it a “must” for schools with iOS and Apple TV devices. Across the board, they found it easy to use and set up.

Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook
Discovery Education

The Social Studies Techbook connects social studies to historical resources and encourages students to develop evidence-supported arguments. Judges liked the high quality of the resources, and they found it very interactive for teachers and students alike. One judge said it was easy to navigate and compile resources.

DynEd International, Inc.

DynEd Kids is a course that uses insights from neuroscience to build a strong language base for students, in both conversational and academic English. Judges appreciated that the software uses brain principles to build knowledge, and they said it would “fit the bill for schools with a keen focus and attitude of persistence.” They said the “methodologies are very sound” and found it easy to install, run, and use.


iLit offers online literacy lessons that are split into six segments: Time to Read, Vocabulary, Read Aloud Think Aloud, Classroom Conversation, Whole Group Instruction, and Work Time. Judges found it an excellent addition to the literacy instruction classroom, citing it as “easy to use” and “engaging.” One judge loved the “product concept, design, and interface,” and thought the lesson design was particularly innovative.

Software MacKiev

Kid Pix 3D is a drawing, painting, and presentation program that emphasizes communication and creativity skills through the use of video narration, easy path animation, and a flipbook creation tool. Judges found it highly engaging and said there was “little doubt” students would love the product. One judge added that the feedback functionality would help keep students’ attention.

Texthelp Inc.

The iReadWrite iPad App for struggling readers and writers includes helpful features like text-to- speech, word prediction, and phonetic spell checker. One judge said that students of all ages would find it easy to use. Judges liked the text-to-speech function, with one judge adding that it could serve as a useful writing center for younger students.

EdgeWave Social

EdgeWave Social lets administrators seamlessly monitor, filter, and report on students’ interactions with social media networks through granular, policy-driven controls. Judges said it was a great solution for schools that allow social media usage. One judge especially liked the “suggested parameters for education.”

23” class LG Zero Client V-Series PCoIP monitor model# 23CAV42K-BL
LG Electronics

The LG23CAV42K 23” zero-client monitor uses PCoIP technology with VMware, designed to support large classrooms or offices, and features USB authorization for enhanced security. Judges agreed that it would be a great solution for schools using VMware. One judge added that the “high quality of virtualization” and ease of set-up made this a standout solution.

Mitsubishi WD390U-EST Cloud Projector
Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc.

The WD390U-EST Extreme Short Throw Projector has a thin client built in that can access a LAN or the Internet when content is stored in the cloud. When a presenter logs in, the projector becomes an active display and the presentation is controlled with a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse. Judges thought the variety of features and ease of use distinguished it from similar products. One judge in particular loved the iPad app which allows students to project presentations from their devices.

MyLearningPlan ELEVATE
MyLearning Plan Inc.

MyLearningPlan ELEVATE is an online, video-based evaluator training and certification system. Judges across the board found it easy to navigate and use the system. One judge stated that the ability to view video, take notes, align with rubrics, and collaborate between administrators makes it a unique tool.

iCreate to Educate

With the MyCreate app and the built-in camera on mobile devices, students capture a series of photos and create a stop-motion animation, which can be uploaded and shared on social networks. The crisp pictures and smooth video quality won praises from our panel of judges. One judge viewed it as a helpful tool for kids to share their ideas through digital storytelling.

NEC Display Solutions

The UM330Xi-WK1 interactive projector bundle includes a 3300-lumen, UM330X, ultra-short throw projector, a NP02Wi interactive eBeam module and stylus pen, and a NP04WK1 wall mount kit for an effective classroom solution. Judges liked that it could be used with existing whiteboards and found it easy to use. One judge added that the pen was a “nice touch” for such a compact projector.

PresenceLearning Online Occupational Therapy

Through its online platform, PresenceLearning delivers online occupational therapy using a combination of a licensed therapist via Web-based videoconferencing and a paraprofessional who is available for on-site learning. A judge pointed out that this solution “fills a huge need for schools” by extending each of the experts into classrooms. The judges rated it as a cost-effective way to open up resources to schools.

Teaching Channel Teams (Tch Teams)
Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel Teams, or Tch Teams, is a collaboration platform for schools and school districts that offers a library of videos on instructional strategies. Judges found it easy to use, and one pointed out that it mirrors other video sharing and viewing sites. Another judge cited the guiding questions, school and teacher information, and supporting materials as key features that made this product a winner.

Teachscape Effectiveness Platform

The Teachscape Effectiveness Platform offers a single login for the company’s leading resources—Focus, Reflect, Learn, and Advance. One judge said the platform “addresses teacher evaluations and growth” from a data management aspect and provides a useful training tool. Another judge raved over the Observer Training Module in Focus, stating, “Within minutes, I was successfully evaluating a lesson based on the observable framework for teaching.”

Reboot Restore Rx
Horizon DataSys Corporation

The Reboot Restore Rx freeware makes it easy to maintain PCs school-wide because the computers are automatically restored to the desired baseline settings. Judges found it a great solution for schools with limited IT staff since teachers could easily run the software themselves. One judge said it would be a “creative, simple solution to a problem for many school computer labs.”

Super Duper Publications

With the Super Duper StoryMaker app, students can create picture and photo stories, as well as make photo albums, special occasion cards, and more, while practicing skills like following directions and interacting with others. Judges loved that they could use personal photos to tell a story, and they thought students would enjoy the multitude of features. One judge added that ELL students could benefit from the labeled pictures.

The Americans iBooks Textbook
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The Americans is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s new American history curriculum that supports the CCSS with document-based instruction, streaming video, and interactive features. Judges rated it as a “comprehensive digital textbook” that could “easily replace less-used and more traditional textbooks.” The embedded videos, graphics, tables, charts, and connected vocabulary earned high reviews.

teachWELD Welding Simulation

Each teachWELD Welding Simulator unit includes a welding station, GMAW gun, helmet, gloves, three coupon styles, and welding simulation software to teach students welding techniques in a safe environment where they can learn from their mistakes. Judges thought it was great for vocational education, especially for a “hands-on class” in middle or high school. They rated it as an innovative way to teach a traditional subject and engage students.


Zeos prepares students for high-stakes assessments through a practice environment. Judges enjoyed the Teacher portal, which allows teachers to check in on their students. One judge pointed out that the external links to videos, such as those provided by Khan Academy, “encouraged students to expand on their learning within and outside of Zeos.”

TI-Nspire Apps for iPad
Texas Instruments

The TI-Nspire App for iPad delivers the functionality of its graphing calculators in an all-in-one app that provides comprehensive computational and analytic tools. Judges said it would be great for both high school and college, and they found it engaging to use. An added bonus, one judge noted, was the cost of the app compared to purchasing a graphing calculator.

WIN Learning’s Soft Skills
WIN Learning

WIN Learning’s Soft Skills provides educators with a curricular framework to teach middle and high school students the foundational behaviors for career preparedness. Judges thought it could be a “very valuable” addition to an existing curriculum. One judge cited its three knowledge, skills, and career readiness solutions as “essential for students’ futures.”