Best Sites for Online Tutoring and Teaching

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Online teaching and learning provide a flexibility and variety that brick-and-mortar classrooms just can’t match. Both students and teachers can work from home, or from anyplace they have a computer or mobile device. Additionally, online learning is generally much less expensive than in-person tutoring. And with a vast array of course offerings—everything from calculus to languages to social science—there is a subject for nearly every learning requirement or ambition.

Whether you’re a teacher seeking a chance to share your knowledge while earning extra income, or a student who wants to master new topics, the following sites extend the best opportunities for teaching and learning anything online.

Best Sites for Online Tutoring and Teaching

Khan Academy
An amazing, fully free, not-for-profit site that’s dedicated to promoting learning and teaching through online coursework, Khan Academy is now a leader in the ethical use of GPT-4 AI-powered tools for both teachers and students. Khanmigo tools for teachers include “chunk text,” which breaks up text into manageable passages, quiz and lesson plan generators, and many others. For students, the academic essay feedback tool provides guidance to help them revise and hone their writing. A stellar site.

Course Hero
The popular homework help site featuring expert tutors teaching students with step-by-step instructions now includes an AI-powered homework help option. Teachers can sign up to earn extra income by becoming a site expert in topics ranging from accounting to zoology.

A tutoring and test prep site that starts by evaluating each student's current subject knowledge, then designs an individualized learning program. Try the first class for free! Test prep includes SAT, PSAT, ACT, AP and many others.

A comprehensive platform for teaching and learning almost any topic, whether academic, business or personal development. Plans include personal, starting at $20 monthly as well as team and enterprise. Users can also adopt a pay-as-you-go approach for any course. Free seven-day trial for personal and team plans.

Sophia offers online college-level courses with transferable credits that allow flexible learning anytime, anywhere. The easy-to-navigate website provides transparent pricing and the free trial (no credit card required) allows users to try courses up to the point of the first challenge.
An award-winning site that partners with K-12 and higher education institutions, school districts, and libraries to provide personalized online learning at no cost to the participant. Bonus: offers free online tutoring and homework help for members of the U.S. military and their families.

A UK-based community where students can easily find an online tutor for a wide range of topics, from algebra to zoology. Tutors set their own rates which are clearly displayed, along with a description of their services and reviews from clients. Teachers can create profiles as tutors for free or upgrade to Premium for £99 annually (about $125). Top quality tutors earn the “ambassador” designation.

Tutor Hunt
This UK-based site is easy to navigate for students seeking in-person or online tutors. Technical features include online whiteboards that allow two-way video, screen sharing, and document upload, while all tutors are fully vetted by the site.

A popular site offering tutoring help for more than 250 subjects, Wyzant provides clear guidance on finding the perfect tutor—or applying to be the perfect tutor. Its money-back guarantee for the first lesson with a new tutor makes it easy for students to try it out, while its FAQs give potential users everything they need to know before signing up.

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