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U.S. Commerce Dept: STEM jobs to rise 17%

As U.S. businesses voice concerns over the supply and availability of STEM workers, those in the education field wonder if tomorrow's workers will be ready to compete in a global economy.


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (born 1955) is an American entrepreneur who co founded Apple Inc., which first marketed the Apple II and Macintosh personal computers in the late '70s. Jobs was among the first to see the commercial potential of the computer

IT Director Job Split

The board of the Marple Newtown (PA) School District voted to split the director of technology position in two.Heidi Collazo was appointed the new director of instructional technology at an annual salary of $85,000. Collazo is new to the district.

Expansion boosts Utah jobs

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) and School Improvement Network announced today a major expansion of their Salt Lake offices creating more than 700 new Utah jobs over the next decade.

IT Job descriptions

Question: What would be a reasonable guideline(s) to use when reviewing recommended job descriptions for various IT positions in a school setting? Not being a professional, how does one match job qualifications to various hardware, software and/or network responsibilities? The IT Guy says: The answer depends on

Keeping Your Job Exciting

Tip: Do you ever feel that your job as a professional developer is the same old routine? With so much emphasis on reading, math, and improving scores, you may be finding it difficult to be innovative. There are ways that you can infuse a little creativity into your job or change how you work: Change how and where

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Supporting STEM

The Verizon Foundation, in collaboration with ISTE, announced a new initiative to provide schools in underserved areas with STEM professional development opportunities.