BETT19 Preview—Crick Software Launches Symbol-Supported Literacy App for iPad, Chromebook

Crick has released a special symbol-supported version of its child-friendly literacy app, Clicker Connect, for children with additional learning and communication needs.

Clicker Connect SymbolStix enables learners with special literacy needs to take their first steps to independent writing:

- Provide pupils with clusters of words, phrases and pictures to help them create their own sentences.

- Enable learners to develop their understanding of the link between the symbols they see and the words they hear with the speech feedback tool.

- Choose from an extensive range of additional support options to suit pupils of all abilities, including colour-coded words and enlarged cells for extra clarity.

- Use the unique SuperKeys keyboard to make access easier for those with physical challenges.

For further information and pricing, visit Crick Software on stand POD1 on the BESA Pavilion B120 at the Bett Show.