Blog Bits, November 2011 - Tech Learning

Blog Bits, November 2011

When I talk about a netbook running Linux, many people lose their minds because it’s not an Apple device. —Ben Grey
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When I talk about a netbook running Linux, many people lose their minds because it’s not an Apple device.
—Ben Grey

Culture and pedagogy, I feel, contribute to the argument that the Linux-based netbook simply can’t allow students to do 90 percent of what a MacBook can do.
—Darren Draper

Is your school one that traps students in the past or one that empowers them as 21st-century learners?
—Lisa Nielsen

I think at this point we can safely say that the Fire will not be an iPad killer; however, Amazon’s new announcements should definitely have an impact on the tablet market.
—Bob Sprankle



Blog Bits, October 2011

No longer can we expect students to care about content simply because we tell them to. They are highly aware of the ubiquitous nature of information and realize it is easily accessible outside the classroom. —Dean Shareski

Blog Bits, July 2011

Before you walk out of the room, convince the interviewing committee that they are making the deal of a lifetime by hiring you, because for the price of one teacher, they are getting thousands of teachers. —Bob Sprankle

Blog Bits, August 2011

If you’ve never experienced a teen signing up for a Facebook account, then you haven’t really lived... at least not on Facebook. —Bob Sprankle

Blog Bits, May 2011

For your next student-teacherparent conference, bring your iPhone to a TV and let parents see recordings of students working, reflecting on their work, showing evidence of success and areas to work on.


People have argued that somedevices should find no home inpublic schools. I would argue thatall devices might find their placein public schools because ourchoice of tools should reflect thewide diversity of people and needsin society.—Miguel Guhlin, CIO Advisor


If I asked a teacher a questionand they used Google, or tweetedout the question and found theinformation through a socialnetwork, many people wouldconsider that adult “resourceful.”Yet if a student does the same thing,they are considered a cheater.—George Couros

BLOG BITS, November 2012

The five criteria that ChallengeSuccess brings to schoolsattempt to modernize theobsolete system in placetoday: scheduling, projectbasedlearning, alternativeassessment, climate of care, andparent education.- Tina Barseghian

Blog Bits, September 2011

Schools can ban and ignore and refuse the power of social networking sites as much as they want, but these tools aren’t going away. – Bob Sprankle

Blog Bits, June 2011

We are a country that is supposed to be a leader in this world, and we are spending more time, and money, pointing fingers than trying to fix our problems.