Boclips Launches Curated, Secure Video Platform for Educators

Boclips today launched its new solution, Boclips for Teachers, a video platform that offers an extensive library of safe and engaging content for students and time-saving solutions for educators. 

Boclips for Teachers allows teachers to simply cut and paste links, supplementing lessons in any school subject with short video clips that capture and keep students’ attention. 

The platform gathers video clips from more than 120 partners, including Visual Learning Systems, Intelecom Learning, and Crash Course. It offers archived content going back 100 years, providing real-world examples of classroom topics. To find relevant material, educators type a topic into the search bar and then create collections of videos, each of which comes with a list of specific learning outcomes.

The platform enables users to share their collections with other educators, as well as find inspiration in collections created by Boclips. The videos support Common Core State Standards, and new material is added daily.

Educators who sign up before June 30 will receive a free year of Boclips for Teachers. Learn more and sign up today at