Boulder Valley School District Boosts Network Reach With Wireless LAN

Extreme Networks, Inc. today announced that the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) has deployed Extreme Networks mobile network solutions across its Monarch High School campus.

Extreme Networks distributed approach to high performance Wireless LAN (WLAN) includes its Summit® WM Controllers and Altitude™ 4511 Snap-On Wallplate Access Points, extending the wireless reach and boosting performance across campuses. The new 802.11n solution builds upon BVSD's existing high performance wired network to help enable a seamless mobile experience, where users can access "cloud" applications and services.

BVSD supports more than 50 schools and 35,000 students in Colorado, each with an increasingly critical need for a reliable wireless network to support the volume of shared digital content across an expanding number of connected devices. Monarch High School's previous generation WLAN system was unable to reach all campus classrooms, failed to provide high density connectivity and could not scale to support the increase in data traffic as a result of today's mobility demands. Students and teachers could not implement device-to-device collaboration and teachers were unable to confidently implement the most desired technology into their curriculums.

To raise the bar, Monarch High School recently implemented a one-to one laptop program, starting with this year's freshman class. Recognizing that today's technology savvy student uses personal smart devices as well, the School is also providing secure access for these devices over the wireless network.

"Students in 2012 rely on all kinds of devices, from iPhones and tablets to traditional computers, taking their projects, blogs and documents with them wherever they go," said Dr. Jerry Anderson, principal of Monarch High School. "Extreme Networks delivered the network we needed to support BVSD's 'One to One' program, creating seamless connections with a simple and painless deployment. Wireless is now everywhere on campus and it's terrific."