Brainstorming and Sharing Ideas

When you bring teachers or administrators together for a workshop or meeting, it is a good idea to facilitate discussions where everyone shares and learns from each other.

  • Draw out prior knowledge and points of view before you bring in specific articles or resources you want them to research.
  • Write key issues or questions on flip chart paper and post them around the room. (I like the post-it flip chart paper that can stick anywhere)
  • Divide the group into smaller groups so there is the same number of groups as there are flip charts or poster paper.
  • Give each group a different color magic marker.
  • Ask one person in each group to be a recorder.
  • Give each group 3 to 4 minutes at each question where they record their responses or ideas.
  • Ask each group to visit each question recording their responses until they visit all questions and issues.
  • Have each group return to their first question and then summarize the points that everyone wrote in one or two sentences.
  • Have each group report out their findings (assign one person in each group as a reporter).

When everyone has finished reporting, collect all the poster paper and summaries. Type them up and email the full summaries to the participants after the workshop.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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