Budget Categories

Budgeting just the right amount of money for each professional development activity is difficult. Sometimes you develop an institute with a certain amount of money budgeted but it didn't account for special circumstances that put you over costs. Before you start professional development, do a little homework.

Break any professional development for any organization into four budget categories:

  1. Whole organization gaps where you look at the entire school, district, or your organization's professional development plan including services, products, and people.
  2. Individual gaps where each person in your organization has their own individual learning plan that shows the gaps between where they are and where they want to be.
  3. Turnover gaps involve new people on your team and how you will plan to orient or train them.
  4. Change gaps involve facilitating a new direction or change in what people need to be doing.

If you find out that a district has adopted a new reading program and you are planning project-based learning activities, make sure that what you do addresses any gaps you have found.